Where’s The Party @ Carlsberg Brewery 2011

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Attended the 2nd edition of Carlsberg‘s Where’s The Party at their very own Brewery where the first Carlsberg beer was locally brewed in 1972. Estimated to have in excess of 2,000 guests at the venue scattered across the various areas of the brewery. Loads of food, games and rides like the Ferris Wheel, Pirate Ship, Adult Carousel and the most packed of all, the Sky Rider.

As usual I got to the venue earlier than everyone else and the crew was still in the midst of setting up under the rain. Made my way into the Tavern for some drink cause I’m a tad thirsty. Ehem. What a way to start the party eh? The first of the many buses ferrying the party goers started to arrive around 4pm from Shah Alam stadium and everyone made their way in and got the party going.

Around 5pm, for the media, Carlsberg had a short Press Conference introducing the various acts that’ll be performing later in the night with the likes of Dennis Lau, Shawn Lee, Lee An from Korea, Crossfire, Paperplane Pursuit, High On Heels, DJ Sophie Sugar and the kawaii DJ Hiloco from Japan.

Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia said “We are thrilled at the extensive reach of Carlsberg’s “Where’s The Party?” and the immense support and interest garnered from consumers. The main objectives of the party is to create memorable, inspiring moments and experiences for consumers in a way of encouraging them to be bold and stepping up to do the right things. When they think of celebrations and achievements, they will think of the next level with “That Calls for a Carlsberg!”“.

Joey G and his beautiful “wife”, Patricia Knudsen was the MC for the night, keeping the crowd up to date with what’s happening here and there as well as getting the crowd grooving with from the 1st Act onwards where Shawn Lee took to the stage and introduce everyone to his shoes.

That was followed by a collaboration between him, Dennis Lau and Dennis Lau with Lee Ann and a surprising appearance of Soren himself coming out to do a few hard thumping rap. Seriously, how often do we get to see a MD of a big company like this going on stage and belting out some rap for the pleasure of the party goers? OK well, we also have Tony F. but he’s the one that make everyone fly.

After their performance, Paperplane Pursuit took to the stage to belt out some numbers and warmed the crowd up for the next act. The Crossfire was in my opinion one of the better acts of the night. Simply because they were playing quite a number of numbers from Beyond! Totally bring out the Ah Beng in me as well as quite a few classic rock numbers that brings me back to the days when I used to head bang like mad.

High On Heels was another band that was quite good, an all girl band that belts out quite a number of current hits and knowing how to get the crowd going. They practically had the crowd at the tips of their fingers throughout the night.

DJ Sophie Sugar came on after that but by then, quite a number of people was starting to leave. I guess that’s due to the long day of partying in the rain that affects the mood of everyone too. Yes, the party’s supposed to end at 4am but the crowd was just tired with many of them just chilling by the Lok Lok trucks resting their head and grabbing some needed food before heading off into the respective transports that was waiting. But there’s also a number of people getting into the venue as the other anticipated act from Japan took to the stage. DJ Hiloco with her blend of house and trance that played on into the night all the way til 3am.

Party goers were assigned their own unique RFID tags where they could collect points each time they play the games scattered around the ground. These tags were linked to their Facebook Account and enable them to update their respective status just by tagging on the “Like” Stations.

The ride with the best response at the venue was the Sky Rider as everyone wants to have a go with some going up for a turn after another. Great aerial view of the party center with some brave enough to even bring their camera up to snap photos.

I’ve tried and none of mine appeared, these tags also allow them to redeem points to win prizes too and since mine doesn’t work, all I had was the goodie bag they gave me when I left.

In line with their philosophy of responsible drinking, Carlsberg made arrangements so that party goers can easily grab a cab home if they had one too many drinks as well as the Bus Shuttle Service to ferry those who wants to collect their cars from the meeting point. Quite a good arrangement as there were quite a number of tipsy drinkers towards the end of the night too. There’s also an area where everyone with tired feet can have a good massage. But they refuse to use strength when massaging me.

All in all, the rain didn’t dampen everyone’s mood in partying into the night, definitely a worthy on-going event that people will look forward to next year. Wonder where they’d bring us to come the next one?

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