Watched The Secret Life of Nora

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It was a nice Saturday afternoon, it was a perfect day for some Cloak and Dagger action and the location of choice? Istana Budaya. It’s The Secret Life of Nora and the place was packed! Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina aka Nora was the one everyone was looking forward to catch.

The whole scenario brought us back to the good old 1960s (I wasn’t even born then…) where Nora, a Malaysian Prima Donna got roped into the world of Spy and Lies and everything that just screams … James Bond(?). Along the way, cupid struck and love was in the air between her and Roger (played by Ryan Silverman), the International secret agent who is tasked with transforming Nora from drama queen to spy. Loads of wonderful stunts, changes of sets and costumes done in a blink of the eyes. It’s like MAGIC…

Tiara says: “The Secret Life of Nora will really challenge me to take myself to a completely different level as a performer and do the things that I have never done before. It will also lift Malaysian theatre to a different level.

Beautiful performance by the entire cast of the show, from the leads to the backing vocals. Love the singing by Tiara Jacquelina and Ryan Silverman.

Tony Eusoff and Adibah Noor (am still waiting for her to share with us the recipe for Soup Goreng..) was excellent supporting characters with a few wonderful surprises towards the final scene of the show. I won’t spoil it for you (unless you were following me on twitter then you’d have know what I was talking about.

Don’t blink, don’t hold your breath (or you might faint before that scene) and make sure you clap and cheer out loud. Aznil Nawawi as Mr. J was good, glad he didn’t over exaggerate everything and kept it in check.

The dancing was beautifully choreographed too except for a few bits where the dancers was on platforms, some of the male dancers just look very very wrong (just look wrong to me when they were strutting more sexier poses than the ladies). You might say that it’s all part of the scene but for me, guys even though they need to dance more sensually should still portray a strong presence instead of being … too girly than the girls. You know what I mean? I was quite observant at the dancing bits throughout and I almost gorge my eyes out when I saw that. Aside from that black blob of ugliness, everything else was just wonderful.

While I was watching it, I just couldn’t help seeing a Mrs. Emma Peel in Tiara Jacqualina’s character and John Steed in Ryan Silverman’s character. The theme song to The Avengers was playing in my head a lot from the start to the end of the performance. Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for Spy-Fi shows and it ain’t a bad thing. Right? Hmm, makes me want to go take out suit and bowler hat and go look for my Mrs. Peel.

The Secret Life of Nora runs from 29 Sept through 16th Oct at the Istana Budaya. Catch this great musical while it lasts. Tickets are available via airasiaredtix from RM30 onwards.

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