Video: A Single Lap around Sepang F1 Circuit in a Ferrari 458 Challenger Car + Bonus Clip

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I got a chance to spend some time at the Sepang F1 Circuit with a few local racers as well as the Naza Racing Team and their Ferrari 458 Challenge car. Not only do I get to speak to these racers and talk to them about the Sepang track and how we would tackle the tracks our own way, I also got to talk to Andrea Galliera of Ferrari S.p.A, the race engineer that brings all the cars to each circuit for each round. Imagine you participate in this kind of race, all you need to do every race weekend is to fly to the circuit with your own management team and the Ferrari Engineers, the Ferrari 458 and the full works will be there waiting for you at the Circuit. How cool is that?

Anyway, check out the following video, this is a hot lap in a NRT’s Ferrari 458 that won 3rd placing in the recently concluded 4th round. Erwin Azizi was the race driver that won it for the team. 2 days later, I was invited to hang out with the team as local top racers was invited to take part in a test around the circuit. Here’s an edit of a hot lap with multiple angles for your enjoyment, I’d love to put more laps in with more angles but I figured that you should check out the more complete video on Royale Bandits’ site as they have some video from the race. ALSO, don’t forget to watch until the end as I’ve also included a bonus video in it, one of Datuk Wira SM Faisal Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin, NAZA RACING TEAM‘s head honcho taking a spin in the 458. Again, this is just a lap cause he went for a lot of lap which will just exceed the limit I have on my Youtube account.

Awesome stuff, right? Andrea also spend some time talking about his typical race weekend, the most exciting one would be when there’s an accident/crash by one of the drivers. How they could over the night, put the car together and get it race ready again before the teams even arrive back at the circuit for the race. The longest they ever took to put the car back together? 16 hours and that is also for a car that is heavily damaged! I can’t even put a Ferrari scale model car together in that given time! And his team can totally rebuild one with engine and all? Holy Ferrari!

So far they are the only guys I know that can do that but then, the Ferrari F1 engineers and Andrea’s team was the only race engineers I’ve ever spoken to about racing (It was harder to talk to the Japanese teams during the Super GT cause they speak no england and I speak no nihonji, kabish?). Anyway, here’s another video I’d like to share with you, a low angle video in front of the car, like that from the Need for Speed game, and along with the video is a MAP displaying where the car was moving throughout the entire lap. Hope you like it.

Anyway, a big big thank you once again to the guys from Naza Racing Team, Naza World, SM Faisal, Royale Bandits and the Ferrari Engineers for giving me such a nice Birthday Present (I’ll take it as a present since it’s just 2 days to my Awesome day). Next up, will post up stuff from the actual race once I get hold of some of the footages from the other cams that was mounted on the 458 as well as once I’ve done processing the photos.

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