Valentine’s Day @ PJ Seafood Restaurant

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Sometime back in 2009, I went to PJ Seafood Restaurant like I did every year to celebrate my dad’s birthday and we didn’t have the greatest of experience there and I’ve never been back there since. Not until the recent Valentine’s Day when I decide to take two lovely ladies there for dinner as I was told there’s a new management to the place and it might be better compared to my last experience.

Reason why I choose that day of all days to go for seafood? Well, most couples that celebrates this one day of the year goes to restaurants all over town and have their inflated price set dinners and that just means less crowd in the more ‘regular’ restaurants. Well, logical right?

Richard of PJ Seafood greeted us and walked us to our table while I was telling him about the experience I had the last time I was here and I told him that I’ll definitely let him know how we feel about the dinner tonight too as at the end of the day, what I’d love to see is the restaurant take in their customer’s comments and improve on their services/food. Right?

The 1st Dish I ordered was the Fried Talapia with Butter Sauce, one of their signature dishes and I was glad that I ordered it. Beautiful thick butter sauce covered the crispy fried talapia that’s not over cooked so it’s crunchy and sweet. Definitely worth a second and a 3rd go even if it’s just to eat only this dish with plain rice.

The next dish we ordered was the Abalone Sauce Tofu, pretty nice dish, I’m not a tofu and vegetable person so to me, there’s nothing much to shout about but I could imagine my son cleaning out this whole plate by himself especially with the softness of the tofu.

Another one of my favorite that I tend to order if I know a restaurant has it is the Yam Ring aka Taro Pot or Fatt Put, this one was nice, crispy and easy to bite, according to Richard, this Taro Pot was made by the chef himself instead of ordering a pre-made one from the supplier so they can control the texture and volume of the yam in this preparation. Good Call!

The Vietnam Style Prawns is an interesting looking dish, simply cause it’s curry based and I was worried that I won’t enjoy it but it isn’t that spicy! The prawns are fresh and the curry sauce is sweet. Yes, I love sweet stuff just cause I’m sweet and I finished this pot, literally as the girls don’t eat a lot.

Lastly, I ordered the Salted Egg Yolk Crabs, was told that the crabs aren’t big as it’s not the right season yet but that is fine for me as I think I ordered too much food already anyway and I was just satisfying my own craving for crab. The crabs aren’t too small either so there’s no crying foul here. Just the right amount of egg yolk and it isn’t too salty too. Even the girls ate some even though they say they don’t plan to eat the crab when I ordered it.

Pretty happy with the changes that was done to the restaurant in term of service and food, price wise, it’s quite ok comparing to the other KL based seafood restaurant, don’t compare with those specialized seafood restaurant located near to ports as those are definitely always cheaper. Should I pay it another visit after this trip? Yes I would. Faith in this restaurant Restored? What do you think?

PJ Seafood Restaurant

Kampung Chempaka, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(Just before the NKVE Underpass next to the turn-off to Ara damansara)







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