V The Visitors

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Any of you remember this series titled V from the mid 80s? Grew up watching it. Even had a toy gun which looks just like the one in the series. Here’s a clip if you don’t know what I’m talking about or remember the series.

Here’s a low down on what the series is about. The Visitors are a fictional invading alien race from the V franchise. The “Visitors” are reptilian humanoids who disguise themselves to look human but prefer to eat live prey, such as mice. In the 1983 and 1984 miniseries, but not the 1984 TV series, the disguised Visitors can be told apart from humans by a reverberating echo in their voices.

A new version was made and the first episode was recently aired in the USA. One thing that’s different from the 80s version is the reimagined 2009 versions lack that vocal attribute and thus makes the aliens appear more human. All Visitors are given human names for the humans’ convenience. They are never heard to use their home-world names.

I have been wondering when they’ll release a re-worked version of this series, well, I guess my question has been answered with this new series. Here’s the trailer from the new release.

With this series shown, we now have The Knight Rider and V reworked. A-team’s in the pipeline so now if only they’ll create a new version of The StreetHawk and AirWolf. That’ll be great. Don’t you think?

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