Track Day with the B Racing Team boys

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A day after gorging my own ‘tank’ full of carlsberg, I joined the B Racing Team members as we head to the Elite Plus Speedway Circuit for a day of fun and learning. You can say that it’s the last weekend of racing before the Ramadhan month that starts on the 10th of July before any motorsports activities (as far as I know) resumes again after Hari Raya.

The lunch break period also see Mr. Jeet giving a lesson on Pace Note reading for Rally Enthusiasts wanting to know more about Rallying and what the drivers and navigators need to know. Of course, this is just the basic stuff and I’m sure if there’s interest in the whole thing, the next lesson these guys will be learning is how to read Tulips and use that as part of their race preparation.

For the B Racing Team boys, it was also a time for bonding, to know each other better outside of racing (even though we are racing each other here) in a fun and casual environment. For those who has been playing in this circuit a bit more than the others, it’s also a time to practice and also get over nerves of being chased by other cars. While the newer guys get a chance to learn from the older fellas on how to handle their car on the circuit.

Personally, it’s also the first time I bring my daily drive car down to give it a go on the circuit but after the 3rd session, the car is showing signs that it doesn’t like all these small track stuff and prefer the highways or bigger circuits like Sepang as the lack of air flowing through the system is overheating the car. Thankfully, Mike Kong is more than happy to let me use his Proton Putra and maybe it’s been awhile since I last drift a FF car but I truly enjoyed throwing the car sideways and watching it slide into each turns.

By the end of the day, all of us had a lot of fun and we actually forced ourselves to go home instead of just hanging around a bit more longer to play in the track. Looking forward to the next session and hopefully, by then, the KE70 Dark Knight will be well again for me to give it a bit of a shake down before the next competition. More photos from the Track Day can be viewed here!

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