Tiger Crystal Year-End Celebration + Ice Hotel Contest!

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Recently attended a little get together in The Strand with Kennhy of Beerbeer.org with a selection of dishes prepared by The Switch Club to go with the Tiger Crystal beer.

The choice of combination that was presented is quite unique, from the appetizers to the desserts, each thoughtfully put together to go nicely with the Tiger Crystal. The first of the 5 dishes that was served is the Cold Water Prawns with White Fungus, Iberian Ham & Sesame. The Prawns are quite fresh and goes well together with the Iberian Ham. Quite an interesting cold dish combination.

The next one is the Passion Fruit marinated Duck Pai Tee, maybe they prepared it and due to the lateness of our start time, the Pai Tee wasn’t crunchy anymore so it was quite disappointing as I like my Pai Tee cups to be crunchy. The passion fruit paste would have made a better impact with the duck if it was reduced a bit more but still, it was still nice.

The next dish that was served is the Caribbean style Salmon & Sole Fish. The Fish Roe is quite nice and goes well when eaten together with the salmon and sole fish. Again, maybe it was prepared and rested too long that the salmon’s oil got sipped into the sole fish and gave it that slight fishy smell even though it was nicely prepared. The sour sauce provides an interesting after taste that gives you a weird flavoring to the palate when I wash it down with some Tiger Ice.

The Lamb Shank is quite nicely done, the meat falls off the bone easily without much forceful cutting and the meat is very tender and beautifully stewed. I’m not much of a lamb person but I surprised myself that I actually finished it without needing a glass of wine as I normally do to kill off the taste and smell.

To end the night, our dessert was the Crystal Kiwi, the dessert uses the Tiger Crystal as the highlight and I must say that it work quite well. To have it served in a test tube is also quite interesting but made it hard to savor. After all, like shots, we take it all in one gulp and that’s about it. Then the taste hits and I went “OH NO! That’s all? Can I have more?” Well, can’t help it that I’m like that, just look at my size and you’d know. Right?

Not only was there only the dinner, there’s an interesting contest going on in Facebook. Tiger Crystal is running a contest for it’s consumers to win a rare experience to stay at the iconic ICEHOTEL in Sweden, a hotel that is made entirely out of snow and Ice. The closing date is on the 10th of December so if you want to take part in it, better do it now before the 10th! Definitely is one of the place worth visiting, in fact, it’s one of the place I want to visit before I kick the bucket! The contest details is here: TigerBeer Facebook page. In fact, I should ask people not to join so I can stand a chance to win. Right? hmm….

Switch Gastrobar Lounge

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Jalan PJU 5/22 Encorp Strand,
Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara,
Kota Damansara PJU 5
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