The Ultimate Pork Burger Challenge @ Euro Deli Grill

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10 men, 10 burgers, 45minutes, 1 outcome. This would be my first video blog and I tried and failed to make it look like the series MAN VS FOOD. Want to know how we did at the Pork Burger Challenge when we took on the Matterhorn from Euro Deli Grill? Watch the video.

The unassuming premise located just behind the Old Town Kopitiam in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng hid a monster waiting to take on any challengers. I drove into the venue at 11.45am and the place was dead quiet, not a single soul around except for the few people cleaning up inside the restaurant.

At 12pm, the place was open to public and the manager of the day invited the early birds in, Chin Ann and I arrived the earliest looking forward to the challenge. The smell of the pork patty being cooked fills the restaurant and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Then at the corner of the bar, we saw it, in it’s very own display with polaroids of it’s many victims it had detroyed adorn it’s top. The Matterhorn!

After all the 10 hungry participants arrived at the restaurant, the chef and the waiters took out our respective Matterhorn. A collection “OH NO!!!!” was heard by everyone and the thought hits me, how in God’s name am I going to finish this monster? It’s not that I won’t be able to finish it but it’s because there’s CHEESE on it!

A short briefing was done by the head waiter but I can tell you, I didn’t hear a single thing he say. All I did was just sit there and stare-cock at the burger trying to figure out how to overcome those cheese without dropping over and die on the spot.

My aim, if I can finish it, was to do it by 44min 59seconds. Not so hard right? Well, Time’s up and I couldn’t even finish it! It was that tough! I can only manage 3/4 of the patty, all the greens that sat on top of the patty and there’s still half a burger bun left untouched!

It was tough, I have no idea what made me do this insane challenge but with 9 other guys, we did it anyway. It’s tough if we did it alone but there’s 10 of us and we had fun tackling the Matterhorn. Will I do this challenge again? I would, provided they skip the cheese. They can coat the burger with chili for all I care but I rather had a burning tongue than to be sick for the next couple of days.

Now, what do I think of the burger? Firstly, it’s like having 5 cans of Luncheon Meat grilled into a big lump and served. So it’s a tad too salty and dry. The buns itself was rock solid so it’s tough to devour. There’s not much greens but too much cheese. It’s quite hard to eat even if we were given 2 hours to finish cause once the whole thing get cold, it becomes tough. So the rating at the bottom of this post is for the Matterhorn and not the overall eating experience at the restaurant. Thanks to Jason Chan for putting this all together and great work by the fellow competitors. We did our best and that’s what matters.

The 10 Who Braved The Matterhorn:

1. Michael Yip aka @zique on Twitter – (
2. Jason Chan aka @WaLauWei on Twitter – (
3. Eric Yong aka @ericyong77 on Twitter – (
4. Sam Insanity
5. Kevin Tan
6. Mike Campton aka @mikecampton on Twitter
7. Puven Nathan
8. Harinder Singh aka @lightyoruichi on Twitter – (
9. T.J. (He’s a 15year old kid!)
10. Chin Ann aka @vin_ann on Twitter

Do call in advance if you plan to take on the challenge as I was told the challenge will only be until the 16th of October and so far, only 1 winner since the Matterhorn challenge started.

No. 29, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603) 2162 6991
Fax: (603) 2166 5232

Food – 2½/5
Service – 4/5
Cleaniness/Ambience – 4/5
Value for Money – 2/5


*rating is for the Matterhorn only!

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