The Queen & Mangosteen

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2 Sundays back, I met up with @Joshuaongys and @Tiffanietty to have a nice lunch to celebrate Tiffanie’s birthday. The restaurant of choice? The Queen & Mangosteen. A British themed pub styled outlet in Vivo City.

Initially when we got in, it was quite bad as no one ushered us from the entrance and despite us standing around for a good while, no one seem to come up to us and ask us whether we were there for food or drinks. We ended up having to find a place for ourselves to seat and wait for awhile more before I actually stop one of the waitress as she walked past to ask her to clean up the table and get us the menu.

Is it because they were damn busy or was it because their priorities was to serve all the ang mohs in the restaurant first before even coming toward us? After the initial ‘upset’, the service got better especially when one of the waiters found out we could converse in Malay and start talking to us in Malay and checking on us to make sure all is well. The plus point is this waiter is a Man Utd fan.

As we were quite hungry and don’t want to think too much about what to eat, all of us just ordered the Sunday Roast that was on their set menu. For SGD38, you get a 3 course meal and if you top up another SGD7, you get a half pint of their Archipelago beers. Anyway, it took about 10minutes (which felt like forever since we were all freaking hungry) before the food was served.

For starter, I had the Salmon Salad. It’s a simple dish topped with frozen salmon and what made the dish nice was the sauce that was used. Asked them what the sauce was and they refused to tell me.

The others had the mushroom soup which I’m not a big fan of so I’m not too sure how it taste.

Once we were done with our starters, the main course was served. The others had the Roasted Angus Rib-Eye of Beef which I took a bite of and quite like the texture of the beef. Medium cooked and it wasn’t really that springy, easy to the bite and the portion is quite reasonable. Served with a good portion of roasted baby potatoes and some sauté vegetables.

Next came my dish, the Roasted Spring Chicken which I was quite shocked when served. Now expectation of the portion when served is generally the WHOLE spring chicken. That’s how I’ve always eaten it, whenever I ordered spring chicken, I get a whole spring chicken! So this was a huge let down for me, it’s just a half portion of the spring chicken which after I stripped off the bones, isn’t that much to eat. The preparation was quite ok but the portion’s just way too small! I had to eat some of Rib-Eyes to fill my stomach proper. The roasted baby potatoes and some sauté vegetables that came as the side dish didn’t do anything at all to ease my hunger!

And the dessert (somehow in this restaurant, the dessert is spelled as Desert), The Queen’s Desert of the Day is the Hot Choc Pudding with Rums and Raisins. This is a fine dessert which is quite rich and creamy, I couldn’t take much of it as I’ve a problem when it comes to milk based stuff so everyone around me was lucky as they get to eat some of my food.

To top off all that, @Joshuaongys and I shared 3 half pint of Archipelago Beer consisting of the Archipelago Samui Wheat, Brown Ale and the Limited Edition. They were having a promotion where for 3 half pints of beer, we get a tiny souvenir Archipelago Beer glass. And yes, I’m a sucker for all this collectibles so we ordered that instead of ordering individual drinks.

All in all, it was quite an ok experience at the restaurant. Don’t expect quick service if you’re not an Ang Moh walking into that restaurant (based on my first impression) but the menu do have a wide range of choice for you to choose from. For the smokers who like to sit in the sun, there’s also the outdoor area where you can sit around and watch people walk by as well as observe the construction that is happening at the Resort World Sentosa.

The Queen & Mangosteen
#01-106/107 VivoCity
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585
(close to Lift Lobby E & Lift Lobby F)
Tel: +65 6376-9380

Operating Hours:
Sundays to Thursdays: 11 am to midnight
Fridays, Saturdays & Eve of Public Holidays: 11 am to 1 am

Food – 3½/5
Service – 2½/5
Cleaniness/Ambience – 4/5
Value for Money – 3/5


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