The Launch of Little Creatures Ale in Malaysia

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Popped over to The Hill and caught the media launch of the Little Creatures. Luen Heng F&B Sdn Bhd (LHFB), a subsidiary of Carlsberg Malaysia became the sole distributor of the Little Creature starting from December 2011. This basically increases the portfolio for the Carlsberg brand with more premium beers with this new addition.

Kenneth Soh, the General Manager of LHFB commented, “being one of the pioneer leaders in alcoholic beverage industry, Carlsberg and us sharing the same philosophy, fcusing on heritage, authenticity and premium products for the top end of the market. With the growing consumer interest in a variety of beer styles and in consultation with our trading partners, we believe that there is the opportunity for our company to provide a full-strength, easy-drinking Australian ale – Little Creatures.”

Little Creatures is a microbrewery company based in Frementle, Western Australia, established fairly recently in 2000. It produces the Pale Ale (5.2% abv) and the Bright Ale (4.5% abv) and it is a favorite for the drinkers who first experienced it in Australia when they were studying there. Quite a number of readers responded that they have been looking forward to this beer being brought into Malaysia when I first tweeted a photo of the ale during the launch.

The Pale Ale that was served is quite an interesting beer, with intense floral, citrus aroma and flavor, definitely appeals to the lady drinkers and to those who like their beer slightly sweet instead of bitter. For those of you who wonders how the name Little Creatures came about, it basically arises from the live yeast that is present in the bottles of the Little Creatures Pale Ale.

Talked to Ricardo from LHFB after the launch, he informed me that at present, the Little Creatures can be enjoyed at The Hill in Damansara Heights and the Brussels outlets with a wider release to be announce next year. So looking forward to seeing this ale in more places especially at the venues where I hang out a lot.

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