The Kings & Queen of Comedy Asia 2 Preview Show

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The Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia (K&Q) is back and they are back with a vengeance. With a more awesomely packed ensemble ready to make you laugh out loud rolling on the floor on the 18th and 19th of November at the Plenary Hall at KL Convention Center. Before the show in KL, they performed at Esplanade Concert Hall in Singapore in October but of course, we’ll be expecting them to not hold back for the KL show as in a way, it’s the home ground where it all started!

This year, we have a star studded line-up of comedians from across the globe, the Superstar, Sugar Sammy from Canada,

the Japanese American, Paul Ogata,

the Cantonese speaking indian, Vivek Mahbubani from Hong Kong,

the Godfather of Malaysian Comedy (aka Botak), Harith Iskandar from Malaysia

and lastly, the ever delicious Joanne Kam, she will be cracking the whips on the 18th and 19th making sure these guys stay in line.

Personally, I’ll be heading for their show on the 18th as I have a wedding job to cover on the 19th and from what I see at the Preview at TwentyOne@BSC, it’s going to be a great one. Hecklers, bring out all your best heckle and be ready to fall in the barrage of attacks by these guys. Want to know why they are the Kings and Queen of Asian Comedy? Here’s your chance! The turnout at the Preview was incredible, I guess cause it’s cheaper to watch all these guys perform here than to pay for the actual show on the 18th and 19th? I don’t know, some Malaysians I know would do just that just to save a couple of bucks and spend it on other stuff like alcohol and …

This preview is one of the longest I’ve ever been through, 3 hours worth of comedy talents cause we didn’t just watch these 5 K&Q performed but also a bucket load of local talents that took to the stage to entertain the crowd, people like Chi Ho, Dr. Jason Leong, Papizak, Augustine (ok, he’s not really local but an African), Kavin J. and few others who’s name slipped my mind now. Getting old, bad with names.

Anyway, got to speak to these guys after the show over some drinks and food and one of the thing I mentioned to them was that, thanks to the power of youtube, quite a number of their materials are already well known to the fans of comedy in Malaysia and they say, rest assured, there’ll be mixtures of fan favorites as well as some new materials that will be fired at the fans.

So have no fear and from what I see at the Preview, for those of you attending the K&Q on the 18th and 19th, just be prepared to laugh like hyenas. I believe tickets are still available so do go get them at TicketPro. Already purchased mine from weeks back so I’ll all set for this Friday.

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