The Best Beer Commercials I’ve seen…

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Just want to share some of the best beer commercials I’ve seen so far, mostly online as they don’t allow any alcohol commercials to be shown on local TV stations. What a way to kick start the 2011 Boxing Day with some beautifully done beer advertisements. Right?

1. Swim Black

2. noitulovE (That’s evolution backwards. Genius, eh?)

3. Bring it to life

4. Tipping Point

5. The Surfer (voted one of the best Ad in 1999)

6. Chinese Whispers

7. Legendary Biru

8. Swear Jar

9. White Cliffs of Dover

10. Ya Barred!

What do you think? Aren’t these commercials cool? If you know of any other nice beer commercials, do let me know by leaving a comment at my comment section below.

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