The BCard Experience

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The BCard, by now, I’m sure a lot of you would have heard of this new Reward Card that was launched by Berjaya Group that basically works like all reward system but one which is specially designed for participating outlets/Brands owned by the Berjaya Group.

We can presently use the BCard at over 300 stores nationwide including Starbucks, Papa John’s, Wendy’s, Krispy Kreme, Kenny Rogers etc. Points are rewarded both ways- when you spend and when you redeem! What’s more, members get a gift pack with 40 vouchers worth over RM1300!

I was informed when I received my card that, if there’s credits in the BCard, we can basically use it like a Debit Card to pay for our purchases. Sadly, I’ve tried to use it numerous times and none of the Starbucks Outlet accepts it as a payment method but only as a reward card for me to collect points.

As I spend most of my time and money at Starbucks, that’s where I tried on numerous times to use it to pay but always the same result, get turned down as they don’t accept it as a payment method. Maybe they still have yet to receive the memo about it being used as a debit card?

Aside from that small setback, at least now I can collect points and use those points later to redeem bigger rewards like say …. hotel stays that’s under the Berjaya Group? At least that’ll help me cut my cost when I travel. Right?

If you’re interested to get a BCard, contact BCard call centre at 03-21192999 or email to

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