The Angels of My Eyes

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It was one of those days I decide to get my two monsters involved in some fun I was having for photography. So I got them together, explained to them what they had to do and off we go. Here’s the result of what we did.

The two of them. Gabriel and Grace.

Gabriel Yip, my 7 year old monster, a Primary 1 student of a local Chinese school. (update circa 2011) 8years old monster, a Primary 2 student and alot of people say a photostat copy of me.

Grace Yip, my 5 year old monster, currently terrorizing the Q-Dees near my home. (updated circa 2011) 6 years old.

Michael Yip, the 33 year old handsome guy next door. :p (updated circa 2011) 21 years young. *ehem*

It took me a D300 on a tripod, a remote trigger, a ring light and a lot of patience to take these shots. Feel free to comment.

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