Thai Fight: King of Muay Thai 2013

Thai Fight
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Was browsing the web watching videos of fights when some friends point me in the direction of this Muay Thai tournament known simply as Thai Fight: King of Muay Thai. Before I even saw the video, the images that I saw was already breath taking, making me wish I’m at that ring side and getting a chance to snap those photos as well! Check out this full production Video on Thai Fight, the set-up and production value for a tournament makes it on par if not even greater than other major fights from other parts of the world. I’m talking about OneFC, UFC and WWE kind of entertainment value!

What is “Thai Fight”? “Thai Fight” is a project (competition) to help build up Muay Thai boxing to International standards and level and to show the world that the Muay Thai world championship should and must be held in Thailand. This world championship competition “Thai Fight” consist of 16 competitors from various countries around the world including Thailand. “Thai Fight” is a blend between Muay Thai and entertainment.

The Thai boxing World Competition Tournament “Thai Fight” that was held in a football stadium in Thailand this past year was so successful that it drew more than 10,000 fans cheering it on live and millions more watching it on TV broadcasts. This tournament has promoted greater interest in Muay Thai fighting both in Thailand and around the world. More than 10 countries are interested in holding the Muay Thai World Competition “Thai Fight” first round in their respected countries.

Now, why hasn’t they produce and have an english broadcast of this fight for the enjoyment of the international audience? But then, if I have a choice, I want to be right there, catching the fight LIVE and immerse in the atmosphere of the day. Images here are from

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