TGV Club Launched @ Sunway Pyramid

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TGV Cinemas in Sunway recently launched the IMAX hall and now put another historic launch in their book to kick off 2012! What I’m talking about? I’m talking about the TGV Club, their first and ever premiere class halls (there’s 2!) in the very same venue as the IMAX theater! Was told by Kenny that Sunway Pyramid is one of the biggest draw for TGV Cinemas when it comes to cinema goers, that’s why the public that goes to this venue gets pampered with all these new goodies first.

Felt honored to be invited to the launch as I’m a movie buff (even though I don’t write movie reviews often in here, will work on that or anyone willing to volunteer their service in doing movie reviews? Let me know, I can take you along with me to the movies, and you do the writing) and at the same time during the launch, I got the meet up with acquaintances I got to know from way back in 2008 (but lost touch). How cool is that?

The movie we got to watch to enjoy the new halls is UNDERWORLD: Awakening, essentially, the 1st to watch this movie across the globe! (OK I watched it in the morning but heck, for Kate Beckinsale, it was worth watching it for the 2nd time even though the storyline was quite blah).

Quite a number of local public figure made their way to the launch as well to catch the movie and it was nice catching up with them to catch up on what’s happening where and all that stuff (work never stops!).

Kenny Wong, the CEO of TGV Cinemas didn’t delay everyone and gave a very quick speech before we proceed into the cinema. Most bosses should do that, KISS and don’t dilly dally in the messages they want to put across! Since it’s launch way back in 1997, this outlet has gone through quite a lot of changes and with 12 halls. It’s also their largest along with KLCC!

Aside from the movie, the halls themselves are similar in sizes to the other halls, with the only exception being the spacious seats and the wonderful legrooms! Look at the photo and judge for yourself! I always love cinemas with wide seats (FINE! I’m FAT!) and totally hate late-comers that walks into the hall like they owns the place when the movie already started as they’ll trample all over our legs trying to get to their seats but with these 2 halls. Such problem isn’t really a problem anymore as there’s plenty of leg rooms! Kenny and I practically walked pass each other in front of our friends without even knocking into each other or even stepping on any poor legs that got in the way. Totally should check the halls out when you got the chance.

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