TGV Cinema’s Digital IMAX® Theatre Launch + Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

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TGV Cinemas has officially launched their digital IMAX theatre in conjunction with the release of “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” at the newly refurbished TGV Sunway Pyramid today. Thanks to TGV’s CEO Kenny Wong for the invitation!

I also for the first time, see him in such formal office look, feel kinda weird. Wonder if he heard a bunch of us shouting Glory Glory Man United when he was walking down to the pulpit to give his speech. IMAX’s Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Don Savant also took the opportunity to introduce the latest  IMAX technology that was involved into this whole new set-up.

2 Theatre halls was collapsed to accommodate the 57-feet wide screen, the IMAX hall encompasses 2D and 3D projection capabilities aided by 2 projectors, as well as a 14,000 watts laser-aligned sound system that utilizes 16 sub-woofers, ten times more powerful than a standard cinematic hall.

With a total seating capacity of 292, the hall boasts wide plush French designed seats, as well as wide legroom space. Apart from the IMAX hall, has three other new halls such as The Club; which is a yet to open premier hall, The Beanieplex; a beanbag seating style hall, and The Tiered-Seating halls; which are halls that offer different seating options. Can’t wait to experience those halls but we’ll just have to wait until they announce the opening of the place.

In conjunction with the IMAX opening, TGV along with United International Pictures screened “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” which was filmed partially with IMAX cameras ahead of its local release this 15 December. TGV IMAX tickets are priced at RM22 for 2D movies and RM26 for 3D movies.

The Plot

The IMF is shut down when it’s implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, causing Ethan Hunt and his new team to go rogue to clear their organization’s name.

The Cast

Tom Cruise
Paula Patton
Simon Pegg
Jeremy Renner
Léa Seydoux

The Storyline

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is the fouth installment of the M:I franchise with Tom Cruise reprising his role again as Ethan Hunt. From the start of the movie, it was back to back action with just enough talks for the audience to catch a breather before more action continues. There’s also loads of different locations for the action sequence as well, from within a Prison to the 100+ floors of the Burj Khalifa. Watching it on the IMAX screen just make the whole experience feel more fantastic compared to the usual cinematic screen. It just gives the movie more glory than the previous installments and there’s also a lot more laughter as Benji was a constant comedic presence.

The Cast’s Performance

Tom Cruise reprisal of Ethan Hawk just kinda give it a good continuation but there’s just something lacking in his acting compared to the previous installments. The camera work in this installment did help a lot in masking out the thing that was lacking from Cruise. Sabine Moreau (Lea Seydoux), a beautiful yet malicious woman with a cold heartless gaze didn’t quite feel villainous, but I do enjoy the fight between her and Jane Carter.

Simon Pegg (Paul) reprises his role as Benji Dunn from MI3, the computer whiz behind all the action. Dunn has now graduated from a ‘behind the desk cameo’ to a fully qualified field officer and as a result gets a much beefier role in this mission becoming one of Hunt’s rogue team. Pegg’s natural comedic timing and likable charm adds a much-needed element of lightheartedness to the franchise.

Rounding out the new team are IMF agents Jane Carter (Paula Patton) and William Brandt (Jeremy Renner), and both actors deliver solid performances. Carter is as sexy as she is deadly and Patton slips between these two persona’s with ease while Brandt hides a secret past allowing Renner to show a vulnerability we’re not used to seeing in the roles he normally plays.

Here’s something interesting, Jeremy Renner’s character Brandt, was specifically created as the eventual replacement for Tom Cruise’s character Ethan Hunt for when Cruise decides to step away from the franchise. Rating

M:I – Ghost Protocol delivers exactly the type of entertainment action fans crave and as a result it is perfect popcorn movie. If you don’t enjoy this ride then entertaining you is a mission: impossible. One important thing to note, WATCH IT ON IMAX! I watched it twice, once on IMAX during the launch and once again with my children in the normal TGV screen and the experience is TOTALLY Different! I almost felt cheated watching it on the normal screen cause I didn’t get the same sensation I had watching it on IMAX.


Mission Accomplished!

Did I mention that they also premiered the Royale Popcorn that is just so awesomely delicious. Caramel filled goodness that just left me wanting more. I literally went back and brought some more to munch at home.

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