TaekwonDo Demonstrations

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Was browsing through Youtube looking for a TaekwonDo (태권도) move and came across a series of videos that I enjoyed, just thought of sharing it here. Watching these videos, sure made me miss the good old days when I used to spend hours after class at college practicing and sparring with my friends.

1. 540 kick

2. 900 degree kick Demonstration

3. 900 Degree Kick Demonstration by Shin Min-cheol

4. 900 degree Kick & Air Walk by Shin Min-cheol

5. Dramatic Taekwondo Sparring Demonstration

6. Tae Kwon Do vs Karate in K-1 fight
According to commentators, Daisuke Watanabe came into the fight saying that because Tae Kwon Do has weak hands, he would punch Park Yong Soo in the face many times and attack with his hands. Watanabe ends up eating two.

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