Super GT International Series Malaysia 2011 – The Race Queens

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The post every one is waiting for, photos of the Race Queens that appeared at the Super GT International Series Malaysia 2011. But mind you, these are just some of the 35 girls that came to Malaysia plus some home grown Race Queens as well. See if you know which is which.

Wolves waiting to jump on the sheeps

The above shot is of course to pay tribute to the reason why Pit Walk is so popular among the fans of the race and why the Race Queens (レースクイーン) are so popular, after the jump, will be more photos of the girls and some camwhore photos as well.

Felixia Yeap and Peggy Yong was spotted walking about the Paddock and I had to act as their bodyguard/photographer when they get stopped by their fans and some of the Race Queens to take photos. Yup, the girls from the land of the rising sun actually ask to get their photos taken with these two Malaysian instead of the other way around.

Customary Camwhore photo with Felixia.

Peggy walking about (walking away from all those wolves) before the race

And another Camwhore shot

Malaysia’s Shook Yee, Rhea Lim and Mei Yan representing Denso. They were busy not only in the Paddock but also the Mall area as well.

Kozu Yashi of Team R&D posing before the start of the race.

Norishima Nanami giving the peace sign when I asked her if she’s OK with the heat and the crowd.

Eri Shimizu in her EVA Cosplay mode

And of course there’s the chance to Camwhore with Eri as well.

Mizuno Mana was the other EVA girl. Sadly, only Eri and Mizuno was at Sepang.

Segi Marie sneaked a look at my direction while Hiroko Yoshino poses for the fans.

The cute and talkative Kurumi Kisaragi enjoying herself at the Pit Walk.

And yes, a chance to camwhore with Kurumi.

Yuika Anzai was one of the photographers’ favorite during the pit walk as she was striking poses after poses for them.

APR’s cute little Miki Sakai.

Ai Kumano and her emo pose.

Mayaya striking a pose.

D’ Station’s Race Queen, I never quite got her name but a friendly girl nevertheless.

That’s all the favorite shots I have from this year’s Super GT weekend and I’ll post the rest up on my Facebook PAGE. Who’s your favorite Race Queen from this year?

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