Super GT International Series Malaysia 2011 – Photos from the Race Day

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Weider Honda Racing captured their first victory of the season, and also the first for a Honda this season, after near flawless performances from drivers Takashi Kogure and Loic Duval here at Round 3 of the 2011 AUTOBACS SUPER GT held at the Sepang International Circuit today.

Weider Honda Racing leaving the pit

While the BMW Z4 GT3 of GSR&Studie with TeamUKYO took top honours, also from pole, in a nail biting finish which almost saw the second placed Ferrari 458 of Team JIMGAINER overtake on a number of occasions in the last few laps. Nobuteru Taniguchi, the first driver for the team, opened up a healthy lead, but second driver Taku Bamba had to endure several nervous moments before eventually taking the chequered flag. Tons of photos from the Race Day after the jump.

I know you don’t want to see anymore photos of cars but rather look at photos of Race Queens, well, you know the saying that goes, save the best for last. Right? So do be patient as that will come soon. Here’s a Panorama shot of the Grand Stand with the TeamUKYO BMW Z4 zooming from 1 end to another. Click on the image to view the larger version.

Thumbs up from the drivers with 3minutes til the Flag Off

This is Melanie before she got deaf as I took her up to the VIP roof top where the sound of the engines are amplified to experience the race. She say this is the first time she get to hang out in a race team’s garage, the media center and the VIP area.
Melanie Hwa

Keiichi Tsuchiya, the Drift King, was very accommodating at Race Day even though there is pressure in ensuring the cars are going to perform well.

AUTOBACS RACING TEAM AGURI pitting for a change of driver and getting some fresh set of rubber.

ThunderAsia Racing (Malaysia’s representative) coming over the crest after the Langkawi Curve, competing in the full season of 2011 driven by a Singaporean and a Japanese. Melvin Choo and Hiroki Yoshida.

The cars chasing one another up at the Berjaya Tioman Corner.

Petronas’ very own LEXUS TEAM PETRONAS TOM’s speeding down the back straight.

KONDO RACING‘s machine Speeding down towards Genting Curve.

TEAM KUNIMITSU car 100 zooming past.

One of the best thing about GT racing is the constant over taking that is happening up and down the field that we don’t see in the Formula 1 race.

APR’s Toyota Corolla Axio during it’s run. Yup, that’s a Toyota Corolla.

The setting sun on a Sunday evening reflecting off the bodyworks of the winning car.

Team SG CHANGI farting spewing flames as it downshift towards the Genting Curve.

Bamba san celebrating with the team’s officer after finishing the race.

The winners of the GT300 at the Podium. Nobuteru san told me later on that he was surprised that people thought he’d throw the trophy down from the podium and they were waiting to catch it.

The winners of the GT500 at the Podium.

Takashi Kogure of Team Weider Honda Racing after winning the race. Looking awfully taxed from the heat of the race.
Takashi Kogure

Nobuteru Taniguchi and Taku Bamba are the winners of the GT300 series. This photo was taken on Saturday when I chat with them and told them I got a feeling they are going to win. Thank God prediction was right if not this little pose will be super fail.

BONUS TIME! I’m sure by now you heard about the accident during the Parade of Cars before the race where a Porsche knocks into a Ferrari. One of the driver on the track manage to shoot this video so I’m sharing it with you readers. ENJOY!

Here’s another angle, from the Grandstand point of view.

The final photo post from the Super GT Weekend would be the Race Queens, so for those of you who has been waiting for that, stay tuned! Post will be coming up very very soon. By the way, what do you think of the photos I shot from the race weekend? Do remember to LIKE this post and share this page on your twitter and Facebook. ありがとう

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