Step inside the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge

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One of the most exciting parties I’m looking forward to will be happening on the April 9th, the party that play host to the crème de la crème of Malaysian society, the official race party of the Malaysian GP, it’s the the Black Circuit Lounge! This highly anticipated event is an inside-look at the glamorous lifestyle of global racing that Johnnie Walker is kind enough to share with us. I must say it’s not one to miss. I wouldn’t miss it no matter what!

But before that, Johnnie Walker is also hosting an exclusive Johnnie Walker Jet Black party in Singapore on the 12th of March! Having missed the previous year’s party, I definitely want to be heading to this one. Not only is it about partying and rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous but also experiencing the lifestyle that a high flying formula 1 driver get to experience.

Johnnie Walker Malaysia wants to send to the Jet Black Party, I’d say just bring me there already! With DJ Skribble from the US and DJ Andrew T from Singapore on deck, the Jet Black event is going to be thumping. Was told how awesome the 2010 party was like and I was kicking myself for missing it just by a day. How could I miss it this time around?

Speaking about all these parties, do you know what amaze me about an F1 driver like Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton? It’s their lifestyle. I can’t think of any other athletes from other sporting industry that goes through what these race car drivers go through, the hardwork they put in and the growth we see in the racer every season they are in both in their driving style and their teamwork. Even during the off season, these guys are always training and keeping their fitness level up despite all the testing, partying and meet and greet they have to go through. Of course during the off season, they have it easy as there’s no race for them to worry about.

During the formula 1 season, their lifestyle totally gets whacked! Not only do they have to move home every week or two from one spot to different part of the world, they also have to make sure that none of their training is missed. At each race venues, they have to entertain their respective sponsors, preparing for the race, rush from one press conference to another and at the end of the week, win the race for their team. Man, just talking about it is making me tired. I sometimes truly wonder how they could go through this day in day out.

I got to work with these drivers over a race week and all I can say is, … these guys are crazy! Traveling to different parts of the world already had them need to worry about Jet lag and adjusting to each continent’s time shift, they also have to work on keeping their fitness up, work with the engineers to ensure that they have the winning car to win on the weekend as well as preparing mentally for the race. Imagine, this is just what they do on the track! There’s the ‘work’ they have to perform outside the race track! (I need a rest from typing this post up just recalling what I went through with these guys just on the race track)

Outside the tracks, there’s the endless Press Conference they have to go through, not only for the team but also for the various sponsors. You think that’s it? There’s also the guest appearance, launch of new products and meet-the-fan sessions they have to attend! Is that it? Definitely not, there’s also the parties, oh the wonderful endless partying that goes on into the night. We might think these guys has it made when we read the news articles about their lifestyle, in all their fine clothing appearing all smiles at each functions and parties but when we get to experience what they go through, it’s not that I regret doing it but I was totally beat by the end of the race. A week, that’s how long it took me to recover from the race weekend.

Just like McLaren Mercedes, Johnnie Walker brings on the experience of innovation, winning and leadership, not only in their whiskey but also the parties they organize. That’s how I felt when I got the chance to party it up at last year’s Black Circuit party, I felt like a million bucks even though I have none.

Check out theThe Black Circuit Facebook page if you want to win yourself a trip to the Johnnie Walker Jet Black and Black Circuit party. Just follow the necessary steps and that’s it! Provided of course, we are lucky enough to win it (Praying hard that I get a nice little email by the end of the week saying congratulations). Not sure if you want to go? Here’s Lewis Hamilton inviting you personally to the Black Circuit Party. And if you’re there partying the night away, remember to NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE.

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