Star Trek Movie Premier

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To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before! A phrase all Trekkie from around the world are familiar with.

Finally, after so many long years, they finally came out with another Star Trek movie. This time, it’s about the origin of Captain James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock. Of course, the time line is slightly off as this is supposedly the alternate timeline where James’ dad was killed, Spock’s Vulcan home was destroyed and yada yada yada. Ain’t going to spoil the movie for those of you who had not watched it yet. GO WATCH IT! Worth the time and money.

Caught the premier along with the many trekkies at the cinema donning costumes of their favorite characters from Star Trek, a guy even had on the mask of Mr. Spock and a dude practically had his hair cut like Mr. Spock, except that the guy’s indian and not …. fair like the real deal.

The crowd lining up to get their tickets was incredible, quite orderly cause there was Star Trek officers guiding the movie goers along to their right counters and everyone had to follow their order or they might be shot with the phaser (not ‘gun’ as corrected to Nath by one of the Trekkie)

Anyway, also met some of the bloggers at the cinema too and as usual, a photo session was necessary after the movie so that we could remember who was there and so forth. To sum it all up, you should go catch this movie, trekkie doesn’t have to be told twice cause they are bound to be the first in line. Ever wonder the origin of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock? This movie might spread some idea of who they are. Til then, LIVE LONG AND PROSPER

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