SIC Kart Circuit relaunched

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The 1.247km long and 10meter wide SIC Kart Circuit at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) recently went through a rebirth and was relaunched together with a new operator in charge that will now co-manage the go-kart circuit with SIC.

Designed by renowned Formula One track designer Hermann Tilke, the man responsible for the layout of SIC’s main track as well as a few other tracks on the Formula One calendar, the track provides karters with 11 beautiful corners with the track’s surface using the same materials as the tarmac on the SIC F1 Circuit itself. This relaunch see not only a change of operator but also some new set-ups like a completely new tyre barriers and installation of better drainage.

City Karting Events not only sign on to run the place, they also brought in some new karts to cater to the insatiable hunger of the speed demons but parents with small children can also hop on to the slower 2 seaters to have a go around the track as well.

The relaunch was launched by Dato’ Ahmad Sabery Cheek and Datuk Mokhzani Mahathir that saw the two of them taking on each other in a race around the track, first with the Fun Karts with 16 of us chasing after them and later on in a head-on contest using 2 of the new 125cc karts.

Datuk Razlan Razali, Chief Executive Officer of SIC explained that SIC now has value-added services as part of its plan to attract the public to the track everyday and not only during events, “As we all know, SIC plays host to two of the most glamorous racing events in the world, namely the Formula One and MotoGP, apart from numerous exciting races on a smaller scale. But not many are aware that we also provide other exciting activities for the family and the corporate sector such as the Driving Experience, Track Days, daily Circuit Tours, bicycle rides on the Motorcross track and many more teambuilding activities. We are also fast becoming a venue of choice for lifestyle events such as corporate dinners and concerts because of the vast space available and the uniqueness of having an event here.”

SIC also hosted 20 orphans from the Pusat Jagaan Baitus Sakinah in Sepang. The kids were given the opportunity to have a few laps of the track in the new 2 seater karts driven by the students of the Karting school and the circuit was opened to the guests to play and try out. A few of us that was more competitive took this opportunity to race each other and my biggest rival was Alan Yun. Constantly looking for chances to have a race off and I think we were part of a small group of attendees that never really left the track, at the end of each ‘race’, we’ll get out of the karts, stretch our legs, give each other the stare and hop back into the next available karts and have a go at it again. Happy to say that even though I’m way heavier than him, I could still lap him in my blaze of glory. Don’t worry Alan, there’s always the next contest.

The other celebrities though didn’t really put up much of a fight as they were truly there to just try out the track and stopped after one race. For those of you who’s into Go-Karting even if it’s just for the fun of it and don’t mind traveling the distance, do check out this venue as the track and the new karts were wonderful to drive. Even though all the Fun Karts were not tuned equally, you can still enjoy yourself taking the karts out and occasionally getting the karts to drift especially when the tyres are not up to temperature yet.

I know I had fun even though I regretted the next morning as my arms was aching from the many laps I did. It’s been awhile and I’d definitely go and race there again when I can get a group to go with me. My old helmet and glove no longer fit as well so that’s something I have to look at to replace if I were to start having fun on the track again.

For the competitive you, the current Lap Records at this circuit for the SIC Fun Kart stands at 1:01.042, the 100cc Fun Kart’s best lap was 0:54.876 and the 125cc Kart managed to clocked in at 0:52.421. Can you beat these time?

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