Salsa Fever @ Love The World, Singapore

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Thanks to Claudie, I got to know about this place at the Singapore Flyer known as Love The World and on Tuesdays, they will have Salsa Night! The usual type of music played there are rock and ballads I think. Anyway, it’s all good as now, I have a place I can go to for my dancing fix on Week Days when I’m in Singapore!

1st Impression I got when I step in, the place was quite quiet but then it’s common in most salsa clubs that the 1st hour is the most quiet while everyone is making their way to the place. By 9pm, the place was starting to fill up with dancers and music starts to play.

Now, maybe because I don’t know how to dance zouk. I find the music selection on this 1st journey there to be a bit… too monotonous. I’m not sure if that’s the right word to use but there’s just now flow in term of music. After the 1st hour, I could simply sit there and know what’s coming up next. 2 Salsa songs followed by 2 Zouk tunes and after 3 sets, there’ll be 1 Bachata tunes. In fact, the whole 3 hours I was there, there’s only 2 Bachata songs.

There was a Zouk Performance as well and these guys will be performing at the Brisbane Festival, there’s some hints that they might even perform at the KL Bachata Festival towards end of October? Anyway, the performance was OK. And then there’s a change of Deejay after the performance (ok more like a change of another person with another compilation in an iPod Nano) which got the night of dancing (to me) worst. There’s more Zouk tunes in there than any other, we are talking about only 1 Salsa song among tons of Zouk songs.

After awhile, I realized that it wasn’t just me cause everyone else was just standing around waiting for a salsa song to happen but we had to wait until at least 3 – 4 zouk songs to be played. If the night is titled Zouk Night, then I’d understand cause the night will be dedicated to Zouk songs, but according to the poster outside, it was salsa! OK OK … maybe I was expecting a lot more salsa songs since it’s called a Salsa Fever (according to the poster at the entrance) (I think I just repeated myself here) and with a proper deejay that’ll play the music according to the reaction of the crowd. OK Fine! I’m too spoilt by the deejays in KL!

Anyway, the night ended at 11:30pm as the crowd had to be dispersed, especially for those that drove to the venue, as the streets around the Singapore Flyer would be closed to public for the duration of the Singapore F1 weekend starting from Wednesday morning (1:00am). Hopefully my next trip down would be a much better one with at least a few more salsa tunes being played on a Salsa Night. Either that or the organizer would need to change the poster to Zouk Night.

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