Roast & BBQ Pork @ Restoran Empat Sembilan

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Another weekend, another food outing with The Makan Club people. This time around, to a friend’s restaurant in Damansara Perdana. With such a big group, he was under pressure when he found out the number of people going but from the way the food taste, I doubt he was in any pressure at all cause every plate taste fantastic.

For those that is not familiar with Damansara Perdana, as you come from TTDI/Mutiara Damansara/LDP, it’s the first left turn after you come down from the crest. 2nd turning to your right and you’d see the restaurant behind Restoran 8888.

So what was ordered? The first dish is a chinese breakfast classic, Wan Tan Mee. Texture wise, the noodles was poached to the right texture and the BBQ Pork just melts in my mouth! I don’t really fancy fried wan tan though but then, it does look nicer on the plate than the usual poached ones.


The Hakka Mee is another dish that I like here. Simple and it actually have a lot of things happening in 1 simple bowl of noodle. The minced pork texture is just nice and the BBQ Pork, even though it’s not fatty like the way I like it, is not too tough to the bite. Some places do serve Char Siew that is a bit too tough when there’s no fat.


The highlight of the morning was definitely the BBQ Pork aka Char Siew to the locals. A Plate of Sweet, Crunchy, melt in my mouth goodness.  It’s fantastic! But I think, compared to the usual preparation, not many people would enjoy this plate as it might be too sweet for their taste, after all, this was specially prepared for us and Jeffrey knows that he has a lot of hungry mouth that knows their food to feed. Big pressure but pass with flying colors.


The Roast Pork or Siew Yuk is next, the skin was roasted to a crunchy finish yet it isn’t too salty. The 5 Spice coating at the base of the meat is just the right amount. Personally, I don’t put a lot of 5 spice powder in my roast pork preparation but they have to cater to their customers and not to my taste. The texture is just right, the meat falls a part easily when bitten so eating each piece is quite effortless.


Jeffrey prepared a special dish for us, a typical Leftover Soup or Choy Keok that is quite popular among chinese household. I’m not a big fan of it though but this bowl isn’t as sour as those that is made by my mom.  And, it’s not sold so you can see it here but you won’t get a chance to try it. We had 8 huge bowls served to us and 8 empty bowls was collected back by the waiter, so we know it’s good.


A great morning hanging out with fellow gluttons enjoying simple food and great conversation getting to know more about each other. As for the restaurant, I do go there quite often but I don’t order that much food all those times though.

Restoran Empat Sembilan

No. 23-1, Jalan PJU 8/5D,
Bandar Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: +6012-209-5965






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