Restaurant Thian Heong

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On Friday, SimonL and I had a job at Cheras (Near Leisure Mall) and as we arrived early, we decide to go grab an early dinner. Sadly, that day is also Pasar Malam day for that area so driving is out of the question.

So with our equipments hanging all over our shoulders, we take a walk towards the restaurant of our choice (actually it was my idea). The target point? Restaurant Thian Heong, famous for it’s Char Siew Ribs.

Found a nice aircond area to sit and these was what we ordered.

Char Siew Pork Ribs – Excellent and juicy, one of the items to finish first when the lunch and dinner crowd hits.

BBQed Honey Chicken with Sesame Seeds – The chicken was prepared just nice with a light coat of honey making it not that sweet with the fragrance of sesame seeds.

Roast Duck – There’s alot of other places which serve better roast ducks than this restaurant but I just had a mad craving for it so I just had to order it.

Lettuce – To make the meal complete, we need to have a vegetable dish with the rest of the meat isn’t it? It’s just vegetables, so… yeah.. it’s just vegetable, how to comment?

Anyway, that’s what we ate, I’d definitely will visit this restaurant again but only when I have a craving for Char Siew Pork Ribs.

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