Reggae Mansion Kuala Lumpur getting flaks from Travelers

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I’m sure quite a number of you users of the Twitter app and on Facebook would have heard of the infamous Reggae Mansion in Kuala Lumpur and it’s discrimination against the disabled, the old and asian or rather Malaysian to be exact. You can view the screenshots from their notice after the jump.

Now, quite a number of Malaysians I know these days fancy a good trip here and there, backpacking and what not. It’s about being adventurous, even if it’s just to a nearby location. I personally have done it numerous times, just taking a walk from home towards KL with just a bag with a day’s change of clothes and my camera. When tired, just head into one of the many backpackers hotel that dots the city and stay the night and continue again the next day. So imagine, if that’s the final stop in my walk, I will not be allowed to step into the place?

My Question to them is this, why the double standard? What does a Caucasian traveler has that an Asian traveler doesn’t? Just because they are white and they are backpacking means they have more dough in their wallet/bag than a Malaysian? Is this what they call the SPG Mentality? Are you worried that some local travelers would use it as a transit hotel for a quickie with prostitutes/mistresses/boyfriends? There are many other hotels out there in KL that provides that service and at a cheap rate too, I’m sure if transit users want a venue like that, they won’t be bothered about the look of the place and how nice the deco of your rooms is right? All they need is a bed and a shower big enough to fit 2 … or 3 …

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Form their website….
Wheel chair is not accessible
Age limits: We accept guest age below 60 years old.
Reggae Mansion is a hostel for international backpackers. Unfortunately, we do not accept bookings by Malaysian, Indian and Middle Eastern nationalities anymore. Reservations made by these nationalities will deem to be null and void.

Also, why limit the age? Is Reggae Mansion worried that people over 60 might just keel over and kick the bucket in their room? Heck, even a 20something might kick the bucket any time! I know of many travelers who are above the age of 60 that travels around often. That’s when most people does it, made their money, retired from work/business and decide to travel with their loved ones. What’s so bad about that? In fact, these travelers are much more well behaved than the younger ones. I’m not saying young travelers are roudy but the younger ones tend to be more energetic and a bit more loud especially when they have one too many drinks. Also, since Reggae Mansion only allow people below the age of 60, I supposed 2 young non-Asian kids say at the age of …. 14 or 15 decide to check into the hotel for the night, they are allowed to do so even without any adult supervision?

This place is not even considered a Hotel! It’s just a Hostel and it made itself to sound like some 5 star hotel that needs to maintain it’s high standard? Heck, even those high end hotels in Malaysia welcome Malaysian with an open arm, what more, provide easy access for the disabled and has no age limitation, except for it you are below a certain age then they’d require you to have an adult to supervise in case of any untoward incident that might happen. I must say that many hotels in other part of the Asian continent do have that policy (but they don’t state it out in the open but as word of advice when a person checks in), in Thailand, in Cambodia, in Indonesia and in Laos but that is because they are trying to ensure that travelers get to enjoy themselves and locals don’t use the place for prostitution (as explained by one of the hotels I stayed in), so is that what Reggae Mansion think majority of Malaysians would do at their hostel? To turn their hostels into a prostitution joint?

If travelers were to ask me for a nice place to stay, I wouldn’t recommend a place like this, I wouldn’t want to be kicked out of the HOSTEL just because I decide to hang out with my traveling friend after a long day of traveling about. Such a hotel shouldn’t even be allowed to exist in this multi-cultural country of ours!

OK, enough of my ranting, just want to get it out of my system. End word, traveling friends who contacts me regularly for places to stay, don’t ask me about this Reggae Mansion. Not until they change their policy, til then, there’s many other places to stay with nice service, easy access to transport and food. Heck, most of friends that come and visit me have me to bring them around anyway.

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