Prema Yin Blow My Mind @ Hot Magazine’s 6th Birthday Bash

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Was testing out the Samsung NX100’s video capability under extreme low light condition at the Hot Magazine’s 6th Birthday bash by recording Prema Yin singing Blow My Mind. I didn’t bother to do a day time video test as there’s quite a lot of video on youtube that has already showcase it’s capability in normal sunny day condition. Anyway, here’s the result straight from the camera without any editing. The whole performance was recorded by handheld (no tripod was used or injured in this video’s production).

The camera’s settings when I shot this video are at the default settings straight out of the box. It’s able to record the performance in full HD (1280 x 720) with reasonable audio quality. The auto focus could lock onto Prema Yin at the start of the performance so I could get a decent sharpness in about 90% of the video except when the singer and crowd moved backwards out of the focusing zone. It also includes a simple function to trim the video according to the in point and out point you want and save it as another file in the camera. Another test will be conducted before I give the final verdict on whether this baby’s video recording capability is on par or even better than it’s peers in this genre of camera system.

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