Portraits: Ai Li @ Barren Field

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The following photos was done quite near to home back in Kota Damansara, a hidden gem of a place you can say. To me, there’s a lot of potential for shoots done here and I definitely want to keep it to myself.

Not trying to be stingy with locations and all but sometimes, when you share a place, so many people venture to it that the place tend to be destroyed. In the end, the one on the losing end is the venue itself as it’s beauty that first captivated our attention have become spoilt.

Some of you might not agree with me on this but to me, this is how I see it, numerous time, I’ve seen places discovered with it’s beautiful landscape that can be used for projects like this and upon sharing, the place was so over-used that it ended up becoming spoilt, whatever thing that initially captivated us would have been destroyed and we start going around throwing blames.

With this shoot, Ai Li has been a nice girl to work with, she’s willing to give everything a try except for going into the water though. To me, the challenge was to try and avoid the incoming haze in the morning but in the end, nature or rather the man made haze overtook us and we were left with an ugly sky to play with.

Won’t go on with my rant about the place and I hope you enjoy these sets of photos as much as I did shooting them. For More photos of Ai Li on Flickr. Also, coming up, there’s another set of photos to come. So do stay tune, and come back often.

Do feel free to comment on the photos yah, I’d love to hear what you guys think and see how I could improve in my work. Every day is a learning curve and we learn more by sharing what we know.

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