Photos to debunk the myth of the SLIM Michael Yip…

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Legend once has it that Michael Yip was quite slim… of course, to a lot of people who knows me now, it is all just a myth… just like the Legend of King Arthur (that’s the only one I can recall now). Well, this post…. the ultimate post… is here to debunk these myth… with photo evidence to show that once… long long time ago, in a time before Digital Cameras and all that stuff…. I was once…. SLIM!

Most of these photos were taken during the time I was already working in a local TV station, the early years. When I was still active in sports, motorsports and all that mumbo jumbo. I miss those time of my life… heck, I MISS THAT BODY SIZE!

I’m sure most of you recognize this player by now, Arsenal FC was the first club that boost his image and when this photo was taken, he was still very new and is an up-and-coming player to watch out for.

How many of you knew that we actually had a MONSTER TRUCK DEMO that went on in Stadium Merdeka?

And the Legendary Sir Jackie Steward, when he dropped by the HSBC building for a launch and I got to meet up with him, what a good birthday present back in 1999.

The beautiful Siti Nurhaliza, she hasn’t changed much but me…. sigh…

Kimi Raikkonen, back when he just joined Sauber Petronas F1 team and still quite …”Blur”.

And lastly, with Simon Yam and I forgot who this taiwanese actor is during a show. All this when I was still slim…. So, BELIEVE ME NOW WHEN I SAID I WAS ONCE SLIM?

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