Peter’s Pork Noodles @ Brickfields

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One of the BEST pork noodle stalls I know of in KL is located right in the heart of Brickfields, the one I frequent all the time is the shop opposite YMCA and I was told the father operates the other stall at Money’s Corner opposite Pos Laju. I’ve yet to go and check that out but I supposed the quality would be similar as they came from the same kitchen at the preparation stage. Right?

Did a review of this place some time back (actually quite long ago) and just decide to do a fresh one to update everyone on the place. Well, quality some time do chance over time and in this case, there’s a new outlet. We wouldn’t know if we don’t go and check it out right? In fact, a lot have changed in Brickfields over the last year, many of the roads became one way street and the traffic at the YMCA junction has become more horrendous.

Crowd wise, it’s not as packed as many other pork noodle restaurants I’ve been to, there’s no need for me to wait long too as my order arrived as soon as I sat down (normally I’ll go and order first before seeking out for a place to sit. Spoke to the restaurant staff and was told that their business was affected due to the change of traffic as there are more traffic flowing through the area making it harder for their customers to find suitable parking space. For those that regularly double park in the area, it’s almost impossible for them to double park by the side of the road as there’s just too much traffic in the area.

There’s just a slight price increase from the last time I ate in this restaurant but that’s quite all right, after all, the price for a bowl here is quite similar to most other restaurants. For instant, a small bowl cost RM4.30 and for a big bowl, it’s RM5. Add 50cents if you wish to include egg in the bowl of noodle. I’ve been to some where a small bowl cost RM5! Taste wise, they’ve maintained a good control of the quality even though the one that’s preparing the food now is the Indonesian lady while the son just monitor the preparation. Guess like most stalls in KL, just prepare the SOP and hire a foreigner to handle it. Well, in this instance, it is quite all right as the lady can understand basic cantonese and was more than happy to add in extra minced pork into my bowl as requested.

Peter’s Pork Noodle

Yit Sieang Restaurant
Off Jalan Brickfield
Kuala Lumpur









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