Nila Palacios Spring/Summer Collection @ E-Mage

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Recently, I was invited to Nila Palacious’s Spring/Summer Collection’s fashion show at E-Mage in Kota Damansara. Evelyn Ch’ng kicked off the show by giving a small speech sharing what the boutique is all about especially for the guests visiting the place for the first time before Nila step up to explain about her concept behind the Spring/Summer Collection.

The Latin styled fashion that Nila brings into the Malaysian fashion industry as the core idea she put into the design works around comfort, stylish and dance. Yes, dance as the dresses she designed is also worn by latin social dancers on a regular basis and the way the dress is designed made it look beautiful and fluid on the dance floor.

The concept behind the dance part of the design was shown to the public at the fashion show when I was pulled out of the audience to give an impromptu dance performance with the two models/salsa dancers to showcase the fluidity of the dresses Nila designed.

Quite Shy also when that happened as there’s no prior planning and no proper rehearsal was made but we still pulled it off and everyone had fun dancing and watching the show.

If you’re interested in purchasing some of Nila’s dresses, check out her website here or head over to Emage Boutique in Kota Damansara to check out some of the designs that is available.

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