New Beer Launch @ Weissbrau, Pavilion KL

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For those of you who hits Pavilion KL on a regular basis, you would have come across this space on the 3rd floor of Pavilion with rows of restaurants waiting to attract you into their outlet. One of these place is the Weissbrau German Bar & Bistro which in my humble opinion, is a pretty nice place compared to the many other outlets there. I’m talking in term of their food and the types of beers they serve especially in the Bukit Bintang area.

About a month back, they brought in the Schneider Weisse, this beer is available only at Weissbrau in Malaysia and I got a chance to go sample the 3 different type of Schneider Weisse that they brought in. said to be one of the best german wheat beer around, it carries with it a distinct characteristic and unique flavor that is only produced from the Schneider Weisse brewery. But then, quite a lot of German beers in the market these days stands out because of their own distinct flavor anyway.

The 3 different blends that is served at Weissbrau Pavilion consist of the “Mein Blondes”, “Unser Original”, and “Mein Kristall”. According to the list I got from Weissbrau, here’s a short description for type of Schneiders.

Schneider Weisse – Mein Blondes
“Refreshing like a dance in a summer breeze, tempting with light dishes”
Shiny golden wheat beer with a delicate white head. Full-bodied and sparkling with refreshing citrus and hoppy notes.
Wheat beer 5.2% vol. alc., original gravity:12.5%

Mike Yip Rating

Schneider Weisse – Unser Original
“The full complexity of the genuine Bavarian wheat beer, great with hearty food”
Amber mahogany colored wheat beer. A full-bodied and sparkling beer with a harmonious finish.
Wheat beer 5.4% vol. alc., original gravity:12.8%

Mike Yip Rating

Schneider Weisse – Mein Kristall
“Refreshing for body and soul with a delightful tingle”
Light golden yet crystal clear wheat beer without yeast. Sparkling and refreshing with plenty of carbonation.
Wheat beer 5.3% vol. alc., original gravity:12.3%

Mike Yip Rating

Now, I must say that my palate when it comes to beer is pretty rough, in the sense that quite a lot of beers I’ve tasted is considered as quite mild to me and these 3 different Schneiders are quite smooth but still mild to me. If I’m given a choice between the 3 to drink, I’ll go for the Unser Original and follow that with the Mein Kristall.

Weissbrau Pavilion also introduced to us the Glengrant Scotch Whisky, and the De Bortolli wines. First up, the Scotch Whisky, the smell isn’t that strong compared to many other Whisky in the market and the taste is slightly on the sharp but there is no after-taste, it fades off quite fast. Quite a neutral whisky that is suitable for those who aren’t strong drinkers yet looking for some whisky to drink the night away.

Cabernet Merlot 2008 was up next, I’m a sucker for Red, this was slightly sweet and not too dry with a short after-taste.

Traminer Riesling 2009, a mild white wine with a tinge of bitterness (either that or I had too many alcohol and little food causing my palate to go bonkers by the time they served this to me).

Of course, alcohol wasn’t the only thing on the menu that day, there’s food as well. I particularly love the Crispy German Pork Knuckle, prepared to the right crispiness and the meat just melts in the mouth. Didn’t go for the mash that came as it’s sides as there’s cheese in it. But I’ve no complains as the Pork Knuckle was more than enough to satisfy my craving for pork.

Next was the Bavarian Bacon and Cheese Burger, seen here is the one with the cheese but they actually prepared one without the cheese for me, so bless their soul for satisfying my pork craving while not killing me at the same time. The burger was nice but the fries was a tad salty, that’s cause I prefer my fries without any salt. Makes a person thirsty like heck after eating them, don’t you think?

There’s also the Traditional Flammkucken, looks like a pizza with a crispy thin crust and I don’t have to tell you what I finished first and left the rest for the other guests. Right? For those of you still not able to figure out, it’s the HAM! (dramatic slap hand at forehead motion) and the last food that was served was…

The Sausage Platter, the dish that had all the girls clapping and cheering in delight. With a wide range of different sausage for all the wrap their mouth in, there’s just too many varieties (and I didn’t remember any of them) to go by so go check this platter out the next time you are there, especially when you are there with girls, see them smile from ear to ear.

It was definitely a wonderful night with wonderful company at a nice little German Bar (or Bristro?) and I definitely enjoy all the different type of beers and dishes that was served. Went home a happy man with a full stomach that I think sooner or later will end up looking like an actual real beer barrel (especially at the rate I’m going).

Weissbrau German Bar & Bistro @ Pavilion KL

Lot 3.05.02 & C3.16.00,
Level 3, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168, Jln Bkt Bintang, 55100 K.L.
Tel: +603-2142-0288







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