Naza World Weekend Features – Toyota Alphard & Vellfire

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I’m sure a lot of you know of the Toyota Alphard and the Toyota Veilfire right? We do see quite a number of these luxurious MPVs on the road ferrying their passengers from one destination to another. Don’t you wish you could own one? One place you could definitely head to to get one is Naza World, a home grown brand specialized in imported new and used cars, the one place I like to go to to check out some of my favorite cars too!

This weekend, they are running a promotion for shoppers looking for a new ride for the family, and the featured rides are the Toyota Alphard and the Vellfire. Like I said, both are luxurious MPVs with comfortable seats and rides, I’ve had a chance to ride in an Alphard quite a number of time and it sure was nice. Well, both my kids love it cause there’s plenty of space for them in the back seats but I kind of like the ride too, it’s a heavy beauty so for cruising on the highway, stable even when hitting 180km/h… I try not to drive fast when I have my kids in the car so I stuck to that speed that I’m comfortable with.

Anyway, do check them out at Naza World, quite a number of people I know have owned rides purchased from them, heck, one of first cars was purchased from them! They provides lower price for a quality car and since they have stocks of the cars, you can avoid long waiting list. Knowing that these rides are of great makes allow for lower depreciation too. Unique models that are not usually sold in the local market are made available through them and we are assured that the vehicles we are getting are of Good performance & reliability (since they inspected thoroughly beforehand).

Do check out Naza World if you are in the area near their showrooms. Definitely worth your time. With their current promotion, there’s prizes to be won too!

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