My thoughts on the Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia Lumia 925
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You’ve seen some of the images I shared in my previous post. Some of you would have already guest what I used to capture those shots right? For those still in the dark, the device on hand is the Nokia Lumia 925. Quite a small, light and beautifully crafted smart phone. Only annoyance I have with the phone is that it’s running on Windows OS which until today, I have to admit, hard for me to adopt. But since I don’t own the phone, I can’t go about reflashing the system to put in my own OS right? Just have to make do with what is there. Will be wonderful though if I can do that, the phone’s already fantastic to use and if I can put in the OS of my choice. Perfecto! But then, I can only wish as all brands wouldn’t want their device to be raped.

The OS is quite nice to look at, smooth, fast and made the whole thing look cute. But having been using the other OS from a fruit company and a robot company where I can customize the layout freely, I find the tile a bit of a nuisance as I can’t really get to the app I want fast. In the end, I just leave the tiles alone and only stuck to the few applications I use frequently and had to rely on the other phone to do my other stuff. Of course, I shot a lot of photos with this phone though as the trigger button activates the camera easily without me going through the tiles to look for the camera function. Now, I’m not here to complain about the OS, that’s just something I have about Windows that I never really liked. None of my devices runs on Windows, even my PCs at home doesn’t run on windows. Too much lingering issues that I rather not have the headache to solve.

Now, back to the device on hand. The Nokia Lumia 925, like I said, is a pretty neat looking phone, small, light and looks pretty. Am still shopping around for a nice casing to protect it and weight it down a bit though as it’s a tad too light for me and at times, I tend to forget that I have it in my pocket when I look high and low for the device (maybe I’m just getting old and start to get forgetful). The screen brings out the colors on the tiles beautifully and the Nokia apps available online is sufficient for what I use my phone mostly for.

Now, this is what I normally use a smart phone for and what I basically use as a benchmark when I’m shopping for a device. Good Camera, which the 925 has – checked, simply because when I’m on location doing recce for a shoot, I rely on my phone to help me snap most of the reference shots before the actual shoot so I go back to the studio to discuss with the client on what we can and cannot do when the actual shoot is executed.

The 9.7MP PureView camera sensor with f/2.0 Carl Zeiss lens is pretty sweet, photos comes out beautiful whenever I snap them and running on Qalcomm Snapdragon S4, it’s pretty fast too. Low light shots as long as our hands are steady enough is so fast better than most of the devices out there. I’m still waiting for one that can really take proper low light shots though but then, those will require the sensor the size of what is in my dSLR without compromising the noise level it generates.

Hopefully, Nokia will release a phone that is bigger than the Lumia 925 though as I shoot using the Manual app (Nokia Camera PRO) and flipping through the settings tend to be a bit of a chore for me with my fat fingers. Yes, I can shoot with the auto mode but heck, if you have a phone with the type of lens it uses, you’ll also want to take full advantage of it and it’s capability right?

I must admit that despite the plenty of different lenses we can choose using the Nokia Smart Camera, I’ve not really played with them much. At the end of the day, my phones are my business tools and as long as it can do what I need it to, I’m more than happy with it. I turn to my bigger Fruity Tablet for the fun part of using a smart device. Also, old man can’t read too well on a small screen when I want to read my ebooks.

Social Media App – the core apps are available in the Marketplace so I can download the usual Facebook, Twitter, Instance (it’s the 3rd party app for Instagram) and use them frequently to update my statuses, to reply and check on the hosts of my clients social media feed (since that’s my day-to-day business as well) and to keep in touch with friends. I’m still trying to figure out how to turn off all those notifications though without removing my friends from my Address Book as it seem the integration is so well that I get updates from my friends’ status updates whenever they post something on the social network which I don’t really want to be bothered about. But turning off those notification seem to also wipe them out from the address book which is quite irritating.

Map – The HERE apps are pretty nifty, I’m a huge user of Maps when I’m driving and I rely on WAZE a lot especially when it comes to finding the best routes with less traffics as well as to check where the roadblocks, speed traps and cops are hiding at (I tend to drive at a more leisurely speed which in Malaysia, most of the time, is above the speed limit). But when I’m not in the rush, I use the HERE apps to get to my location and the map is pretty nice and up to date, and the best thing is, I don’t have to be connected to the Internet to keep the app running! All it need is a good GPS signal which we will get when we mount the phone by the windscreen and select the destination and off we go! Voice wise is pretty generic though but I was told that there’s an app that I can download to put in Snoop Dog (I think he’s known as Snoop Lion now)’s voice into the HERE app. Will share the link here once I find it.

Another Nifty thing about the HERE app is the awesome looking HERE City Lens that allows you to explore the places around you if you are looking for the nearest place to eat or shop. Flip the phone to the side and the geek in all of us will jump up and down with glee (well, I did when I first discovered it). The City Lens give us a real time view of our surrounding through the camera lens and show at the same time, the shops or check points in the directions we are facing the camera lens at. It’s like in my very own Real Life Counter Strike game! Some of us that was playing with the Lumia 925 even went to the extend of trying to walk to some of the shops by just looking through the phone! Yes, it look silly but heck, REAL LIFE COUNTER STRIKE! Check out this screenshot I took when I was on my course walk at the Sepang Circuit at a recent race! Cool eh?

At the end of the day, as a non-techie person (I don’t go into all the technical aspects of a device, as long as I can turn it on, play with it and it doesn’t crash, the app opens fast and doesn’t take me through too many steps to use, then it’s a good device in my book), the Lumia 925 has been a gem of a phone to use. Good and clear when making calls, beautiful lens to snap photos with when in a hurry and looks good when using. Been a Nokia user since the good old days (I still have my E71 that I occasionally still use as my GPS when I’m in a land that is not Malaysia) and always wanted to see this brand survive in the tougher smart phone market as more and more devices are flooding the market. It’s exciting to see the direction the brand is heading to and in a way, happy to see the brand heading in the right direction.

Lastly, for those curious about the price, it’s in the market for RM1599 and is available at all Nokia outlets.

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