Movie: Transformers The Movie

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Thanks to, Stephanie and I get to be one of the first in Malaysia to watch Transformers the movie. Now, as a Transformers fan from my childhood years, this movie is an excellent showcase of technology that brings all my favourite characters to LIVE!


The plot of the movie is quite simple, the Decepticons has been scouring Earth for a map to find the AllSparks and Megatron by hacking into the United States military system, the AllSpark coincidentally is in the hand of a young man named Sam. Sam went with his dad to second hand car dealership and found himself a beat-up car which is actually Bumblebee in disguise. That’s basically the 1st quarter of the movie, the 2nd quarter of the movie introduce us to the Autobots that has landed on Earth to help protect Sam and his girl along with the search for the AllSparks. The antics of the Autobots in this quarter of the movie is quite nice, as the realism in the interaction of the bots and humans as well as it’s new surroundings was just fantastic. Hearing Peter Cullen’s voice as the "Real Life" Optimus Prime brings back good memories of his Prime days in the G1 Transformers.

The 3rd Quarter of the movie introduce us to Megatron as well as the rest of the Decepticons just before the battle royale starts between the Autobots and the Decepticons. One thing I didn’t like in here is Megatron, it just felt wrong even though the Megatron in this movie looks cool and realistic, I somehow missed the Megatron that I used to watch in the G1 cartoon.

The 4th Quarter of the movie is the battle royale pitting the Autobots and the Decepticons in a fight to the death and basically the humans you see in this part are just fillers inbetween 1 fight sequence and another. This here also has another part that I didn’t like, the fight scene looks very … rushed and confusing at times, you just does not know what you are looking at in between all those helpless screaming humans and cars being flung from road to the side of buildings. Of course, all comes to an end when Sam stuff the AllSparks into Megatron’s heart and ended the war (oops did I just give the ending away?).

Now, what did I learn from this movie?

1. I still love Transformers

2. Optimus Prime in his new look is awesome, in fact, he looks better compared to it’s boxy G1 version.

3. Bumblebee as the Chevy Camaro looks cool compared to the VW Beetle in G1.

4. Hearing Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime in this movie brings back good memories of the original cartoon.

5. I still have no idea who the small Decepticon is, is he supposed to be Soundwave?

6. I don’t like Michael Bay’s style of filming fight scene. Not when you’re talking about a 20ft Robot, that 5 – 10min battle in the city was actually boring to me cause I can’t see much details of the fight, only things falling around and people screaming. (

7. I didn’t like the "Real Life" Megatron even though the design is really cool, I kinda miss the G1 Megatron.

8. Autobots can pee when the need arises.

9. Asking a girl to sit on your lap at the front passenger seat cause you have a seat belt works.

10. I heard from Wilson that there’ll be a Sequal for Transformers The Movie so that is another movie sequal to look forward to. 


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