Merry Guinness with MasterChef Australia Adam Liaw

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GAB brought Christmas of 2011 early to us as a bunch of lucky us (150 invited guests including staff of GAB and chefs to be exact) got the chance to savor some delicacies prepared by Adam Liaw, the 2nd season winner of MasterChef Australia. What to expect? Incredible display of dishes infused with Guinness. 8 bold new yuletide Guinness-infused recipes was introduced by Adam that everyone can enjoy in participating outlets throughout December but for now, we got 1st dip! After a short introduction by Peter Khemlani, the marketing manager of Guinness Malaysia, Adam took to the stage to showcase some of the dishes, prepared LIVE in front of the 150 pax (but predominantly blocked by enthusiastic photographers wanting to stand near to him to snap photos of the food preparation.

“As a chef, flavor and taste are very important to me as they are the end result of a well prepared meal. These unique dishes were infused with the bold, distinctive and signature bittersweet taste of Guinness, which is a perfect ingredient to intensify flavors, enhance texture and just make good food taste great. I am glad that Guinness gave me this opportunity to create these special recipes for all my Malaysian fans this Christmas.” said MasterChef Adam Liaw.

After the cooking demonstration, the 1st set of dishes to arrive to the table is the Farmhouse chicken and egg terrine with Guinness mustard. This is just a perfect and light start to a long 2 hour of constant nom-ming. The terrine and egg melts in perfectly and balanced out nicely with the mustard.

The highlight of the night for me is the Oyster with Guinness cream, why? cause I’m not a big fan of oysters and I actually wolfed mine down in a jiffy and went around looking for more! The Guinness Cream masked off the smell that I never like and made it sweet. I told Adam after the whole thing was over that this is so far the first time I actually properly ate oysters. All thanks to him.

The Gravad lax with dill honey mustard was another dish that rocked my world. As a fan of salmon, the dill honey mustard that was paired with it just melts in my mouth. The GAB guys that I was sitting with practically laughed at my reaction when I placed the salmon into my mouth.

Next was the Roasted pumpkin soup with julienne smoked duck. Beautiful and creamy and the smoked duck was to die for, quite a number of the guests thought it was bacon until they look at the menu.

Guinness Butter Roasted Chicken, that’s the next dish that was served. Beautifully roasted and the Guinness Butter isn’t too sweet and not too creamy allowing it to rest just nicely on the chicken. Beautifully blended and sweet.

Along with the Roasted chicken, the Guinness BBQ Wings apple slaw. I preferred the Roasted Chicken as I feel the wings was a tad too sweet. For a person with a sweet tooth, I find this a tad too much but then, I find BBQ sauces a tad too sweet as a personal preference anyway.

The Open Guinness lamb shank and mushroom pie with champ with watercress salad is another interesting concoction from Adam that he showed earlier during his demonstration, not a big fan of lamb (I’m quite anal about the smell of lamb and beef) but I find this pie quite interesting.

The next gastronomic dish that was served is the Roast Turkey roulade with chestnut stuffing, giblet and cranberry sauce. Love the turkey, didn’t like the cranberry sauce. But that’s just me as Moe2theJoe loved it and practically drowned the turkey with the sauce.

With those dishes over and done with, next came the Sweet Guinness damper with blackberry maple compote. Sweet, compact little fella. The damper is quite solidly packed and according to Adam, the way it was always made in Australia.

The other desserts was the Guinness and Fruit Christmas Pudding that’s quite nice. But the bitter taste won’t go well with a lot of the people though as I saw a lot of people just left it alone after the 1st bite. Christmas minced pies was quite nice, I took a bite just to see how it taste and put it aside as I ate too much already.

The final one that I tried before I called it a day of gorging myself is the Black Forest pudding with cream cheese frosting. Quite an interesting pudding except for the cream frosting on top. The unlucky sod that sat next to me almost drank the frosting I dug out and dumped into the coffee cup.

All in all, it’s a very interesting line-up of dishes that was served through the night and I truly look forward to enjoying some of these dishes again throughout the month of December at the selected Guinness outlets. Adam’s going to post up some of the recipe from the night on his own website too so that’s one place I’m going to check out more often to try and re-create some of the stuff he made.

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