McLaren’s Hamilton Howler

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I know I’m 3 days too late in posting this but then, heck, I’ve been busy!

Anyway, looking at the Canadian GP Flashback, I’m really disappointed with Lewis Hamilton. I’m no McLaren fan mind you. I’m disappointed with Lewis for doing such a silly error in the Pitlane, practically a rookie mistake that only rookies in their first years would have done. 10 Grid Penalty doesn’t seem like a just punishment for this Driver, I say they should also fine him a good $100,000 as well along with the 10 Grid Penalty @ the next race. That’ll be more like it.

I guess you can say… Like Father, Like Son.

If you’ve no idea what I was talking about.. here’s a short summary from the news… for the rest of what happened to Lewis’ dad (also a silly accident), you can click here.

Yes, perhaps the old adage of “like father, like son” is actually true. We all know how much Lewis Hamilton loves the Porsches, right? We also know how much he loves diving head first into the walls too. Enter Anthony Hamilton, his father and manager. He was just out having some fun with his wife in a loaned silver Porsche Carrera GT yesterday in jolly good England, when he “lost control of the 205mph £330,000 ($643,600) supercar just after he left home with wife Linda yesterday.”

One thing for sure, I’m going to have alot of McLaren fans wanting to bash me up after this post. LOL.

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