MASiF 2010 Signing Ceremony & Fashion Show

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Held at Pavilion, MASiF 2010 recently held a signing ceremony with it’s partners at Pavilion witnessed by Dato’ Mukhriz bin Tun Dr. Mahathir. After the usual fan fare of speeches and a presentation on the MASiF 2010 Showreel.

The event kicked off with some artists doing some on the spot painting for the public while a singer performs and a fashion show was held on a very long runway. You can read about the media launch here. Some photos after the jump from that day, the rest is in my Facebook and Flickr album

Hopefully, come the actual day, the lighting will be way much better on the runway compared to what was provided on the launch.

The best thing is, I get to meet the singer I’ve admire and respect for the longest of time and he still vaguely remembers me from my ASTRO days. It was nice catching up with you again Zainal Abidin.

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