Mandarin News Report of Girls being duped by “Photographer[s]” + Prevention Tips

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Just want to highlight this news as not only is this happening in other part of the world but also in Malaysia as well. It’s not something new but it is getting out of hand.

Girls, do take care of yourself when you decide to take up an offer by ‘photographer(s)’ to do photo shoots, especially those who are adamant in getting you to do nude, implied nude or lingerie/bikini shoots. Unless you know the photographer or trust him, do try to take necessary precautions in not getting yourself into trouble or get cheated. Irregardless if it’s a paid job or TFCD, you can dictate what can and cannot be done/shot. Models are human after all right?

Why not try taking the following steps to ensure your own safety? These has been repeated over and over again but no harm in repeating them again especially some friends who is starting out wanting to get some profiles done by photographers but not knowing the do and don’ts.

1. Bring a friend along if you do not know the photographer or if you are uncomfortable. Knowing the photographer on Facebook for months doesn’t mean you know the person. Until you get to know the person face to face and is comfortable, always try to avoid one on one sessions, especially if it is in enclosed areas like rooms or far off places away from traffic.

2. Avoid taking drinks offered by the photographer especially when it is from a bottle or packet that is already open. Even if I were to buy drinks for the models I work with, I always make sure that they choose the drinks they want and I’ll just pay for it. You never know if foreign liquid/drugs was inserted into the drink prior to it being offered to you.

3. Always find out from the photographer where the location of the shoot is at as well as his contact number(s) and inform your family members/loved ones just to be safe. Wouldn’t want to see ransom notes being delivered just because you got kidnapped. Right?

4. It is ok for you to say NO. Seriously, if you are not comfortable with anything, just say NO. Don’t let the photographer intimidate you into doing anything you do not want. It will bite you back in the end especially when you intend to grow in the modeling industry.

5. IF you are doing nude/implied nude images that you don’t want to be distributed online, make sure there’s a proper agreement between you and the photographer. Don’t allow the photographer to email you the images as emails tend to get “hijacked” as some photographers claim happened. Want the image? Meet up with the photographer and get it either in a DVD or a thumbdrive that you can then bring home. I’ve seen some photographer (even claiming that the email account was ‘hacked’) posting not so nice images of the model they shot that shouldn’t even be circulated on the net in the first place unless it’s intended to be smut. And these images was normally shot when the shot was done one on one and according to some girls, they were pestered into doing even when they are not comfortable with it.

As a photographer, I wouldn’t want my name or my fellow photographers names to be smudged just because of some Men with Cameras claiming to be photographer and give photographers a bad name. Do report to the police too if you were intimidated by them. With the proper proof, we will stand by you and make sure the person that causes the issue be dealt with properly and according to law.

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