Linora x Blue

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I must say that because of Facebook, I’ve neglected to update the portfolio on this website which I intend to do in the first place, it has since ended up as a blog of sort where I update on the activities I’m involved in. But even though that’s happening, that doesn’t mean I’ve since stopped producing work/images/photos and because of Facebook, there’s a central location where I can update everything. For those of you interested to check out some of the photos I’ve shot over the years, you can head over to my Studio album and Location album.


Of course, for those of you interested to contact me in regards to shoots, you can reach me via facebook as well as the contact page on this website. The above image is of Linora Low, shot recently at the studio as an update for her portfolio. More visuals will be posted up soon on my facebook album as I set to work on editing as well as those that is edited by Linora herself.

Do head over to my Facebook page for more images. Until the next update, do let me know what sort of visuals you feel I should look at doing.

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Michael spends his time doing what he love best, photography, talent management, video production, racing, occasionally deejaying and almost regularly updates this website with his latest activities and portfolio.. Follow him on Twitter / Facebook.