Kings & Queen of Comedy Asia 2

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On Friday, managed to catch the Kings & Queen of Comedy Asia 2 with Sheela and Louise. This year’s line-up is fantastic, with the likes of Vivek Mahbubani, Paul Ogata, Harith Iskandar and Sugar Sammy. The host of the night is none other than Joanne Kam Poh Poh and it was happening at the Planery Hall in KLCC.

The show started at 9pm after everyone finally made their way into the hall and found their seats, we were seated quite near to the stage so there’s no need for us to strain ourselves trying to look at the comedians. The show kicked off with a musical number by Joanne Kam and her divas before the Queen goes on with her usual naughty jokes.

The first King of Comedy to kick the show off was Vivek Mahbubani, the indian from Hong Kong, yes.. Indians are everywhere. Quite disappointed that there wasn’t enough of his cantonese jokes which he was famous for.  But I guess not many share the same sentiment as me though.

The second King before the 20min break was this Japanese/Hawaiian from California, Paul Ogata with his hilarious tales of life and a lot of Sorry Sorry…

After Paul had his set, it was time for a 20min break for pee and also some drinks. Even after the break, some of us took the liberty to bring the drinking along with us into the hall for the 2nd set.

Our Malaysian King of Comedy, Harith Iskandar took to the stage for the 2nd half of the show with a lot of publicity for Jezamine and their up and coming baby, Ultraman (that’s what he’s planning to name the kid if he has his ways).

The highlight of the night was of course Sugar Sammy. There was a hint of Russell Peters style in some of his jokes but made in his own style. Either that or we’ve seen so much of Russell that the association was automatically there.

By the time the show ends, it’s already midnight but it was all good. If only I don’t have to be up by 5…

Looking forward to the next comedy show, wonder if any of the more popular acts be coming down to Malaysia to entertain us.

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