Kafe Golden Bread

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What one food has become synonymous with Chinese breakfast? Anyone? It’s the Cha Kui! Right?

Anyway, some time back in 2006, we visited this place in SS2 known as Kafe Golden Bread but it has since closed down. Last Sunday, was told to watch 8TV has HoChak! was on and what did you know? They featured the Kafe Golden Bread again! This time, it’s the main one at Sri Petaling and we just had to go and check the place out and give their food another try.

Came Tuesday and that’s where we went for dinner. Kafe Golden Bread. Browsing through the menu, these was what we ordered.

Three Musketeers (Ham + Hotdog + Chicken Floss)
This is a Cha Kui piece with pieces of Hotdog, Ham and Chicken floss in it, there wasn’t enough chicken floss though.

Old Buddies
This one’s chopped up pieces of Cha Kui with Rojak sauce and crunched peanuts and sliced cucumbers.

XO Fried Cheong Fun
Chee Cheong Fun with XO Sauce, simply spicy and nice.

Braised Pork Shank with Dry Noodles
Braised Pork Shank served with Dry noodles and some vegetables, you can also opt for rice if you’re a rice person.

Vanilla Ice Cream Cha Kui
To end the night, we had the Vanilla Ice Cream Cha Kui as desserts. Vanilla Ice cream + Crunchy Cha Kui. Just had to have more!

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