Johnnie Walker’s Black Circuit Lounge is Back!

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Comes the Malaysian GP Race Weekend, Kuala Lumpur will be buzzing with Formula 1 related activities, from press conference, public appearances by the F1 drivers to the race itself but 1 thing a lot of people do look forward to is also the parties that is organized by the various Teams and Sponsors. 1 of the most anticipated to is the talk of the town is the Johnnie Walker’s Black Circuit Party! You want to get invites to the party? Check out The Black Circuit’s Facebook page

The previous year’s party was simply amazing! With appearances by local and international celebrities, the who’s who that was invited to the party was in town. And according to some source, this year’s Black Circuit Lounge on the 9th of April is going to be explosive! But 1 thing that crosses my mind is: Will these two jokers Formula 1 stars (Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton for those of you who still lives in the caves) make an appearance?

One thing that is for certain is, DJ Sophia Hustle-Lin will be there! Remember the Black Circuit Lounge event at Swedish Marque where we had the awesome DJ Havana Brown getting us up on our feet all night? I expect Hustle-Lin to be doing the same to us on the 9th!

A model, Deejay, Dance all roll into 1 hot beautiful package all the way from the US of A. With a fresh Midwest style to her music, I am looking forward to Sophia aka Hustle-Lin’s tunes and look forward to dancing all night long! Or at least until they turn on the lights and ask us to leave.

Now, here’s an important question that I ask myself every now and then: “What have you done to deserve the rewards of luxury and a successful lifestyle?”

Looking back at what I’ve done so far in my life be it my professional career or my own personal life. I’ve come a long long way. Having had the chance to be exposed to the entertainment industry straight out of high school, it has opened up a lot of doors for me and the exposure I’ve gained on it helped me grow.

As an introvert, I’ve always had the problem of communicating with people even when my life depends on it but through my career, I’ve slowly grew out of it. Ask anyone who knows me now and knew me then how different I’ve become. Having gone through all the hardship and obstacles that’s been thrown my way. It is time now to reward myself with richness, I’m not a person who expect to be made a millionaire by the age of 30 (I’ve gone past that age long time ago) but the last couple of years, the luxury and the lifestyle that I’ve been rewarded is 1 where money can’t buy.

Just like how Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton gone through all those challenges and obstacles before they reach where they are. They don’t get an F1 seat just by walking up to a team like McLaren and demand for a seat, they have to prove themselves, show that they are up for the task and have a winning mentality before they are even offered a Test. A drive comes much later on when they pass the test and the Management felt has the what it takes to win. Have I gone through that? No, I am still going through it! I’m now in the stage where Life is giving me a test before it can offer me a race seat and I’m looking forward to that day when I can say, YES, I’ve done it. But until that day arrives, I’d have to say Thank You Life as even before I reach there, you’ve been rewarding me with all these wonderful gifts.

1 such gift I’m currently experiencing is the lifestyle of a Formula 1 driver thanks to Johnnie Walker’s cool and inspirational campaign like the Black Circuit Lounge. Will you be there and enjoy this same luxury with me on the 9th of April?

Last thing before I sign off, remember NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE. If you’re going for the Black Circuit Lounge and planning to drink til the Sun comes up, make sure someone else is driving or just check into the hotel and sleep it off before you go home.

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