Photos from the Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party @ Red Dot Design Museum 2011

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Over the weekend, thanks to the people of Johnnie Walker Malaysia, I got a chance to live it up like an F1 driver and experience what it’s like to party like a SuperStar for the weekend in Singapore. As it was a 3 day trip, I’m separating each part of the trip to various posting but first up, the Jet Black party itself. The very reason why we were in Singapore in the first place.

Held at the Red Dot Design Museum in Maxwell road, we got there at 10.30pm just as the party was getting started and had the customary photo taking session in front of the Vanity Board before heading in.

Stepping into the entrance, we were presented with a row of notebooks and several beautiful ladies passing a few iPads around for us to key in our registration upon which we were handed these wristbands that is assigned to our names. The cool thing about these wristbands is the names flashing on a huge screen at the welcome area as we tag our way in.

Truthfully, I was surprise the place was small as compared to what I experience at the Black Circuit party last year and the sound system was below what I expected Johnnie Walker would provide. You can say that I’ve been spoilt with all the goodies that I’m nitpicking at these details but I can’t help it as I expect great things from JW. But that said, all was well when the party finally got going as more guests started to arrive and the team from Malaysia made sure we partied non-stop til it’s time for us to leave.

You must be thinking, what’s this? Michael went to the Johnnie Walker Jet Black party and only took photos with these guys from Johnnie Walker Malaysia? Of course not as from here on, it’s all the camwhoring photos with all the babes made this party one heck of a great one.

The beautiful Johnnie Walker girls worked tirelessly to make sure we always have our empty glasses replaced with filled ones with the aims of getting us drunk partying happily throughout the night.

But no matter how much she tried, I still left the place standing. I told her to try Harder next time? But I think she might just turn around and go the other direction if she see me again.

As you know, we got there thanks to the contest Johnnie Walker ran for Malaysian bloggers who wants to party at Jet Black so here’s a shot of the winners. Yes I feel old lucky to be in the presence of these young beautiful bloggers.

Of course it’s never complete without seeing and catching up with the usual bunch of happy faces at the party…

What a fantastic night it was and what a way to prepare myself for the Black Circuit party! There’s more posts coming up from this trip to Singapore. Until the next update, Keep Walking!

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