Jaycee’s Birthday Celebration @ The Palace

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Birthday celebrations occurs on a regular basis, everyone has a birthday and everyone will have their own ways of celebrating. Among the salsa dancers in Malaysia though, especially among the group I hangs out with. We have a tradition, a practice of sort that we do every time someone has a birthday.

The standard birthday cake and birthday song will be dealt with, some time, there’s also some alcohol that is forced down the throat as well. Then we have the tradition of having a birthday dance. The Birthday Boy or Birthday Girl will get to the middle of the dance floor and the opposite sex will then get in line to have a short dance with him or her. Everyone gets a turn to dance for as long as the song is still playing. The deejay of course will loop certain part of the song to drag it on if there’s a lot of dancers on the dance floor.

For the more popular boy or girl, there’s more shots to go about and more dancing involved. The smart ones would normally hide themselves with their close friends after that cause they do tend to be the victim of more continuous dancing after the birthday dance if they are caught roaming around.

The Palace’s layout wasn’t really designed for salsa dancing with the floor slightly too sticky even with the help of talcum powders and the stage area isn’t big enough to fit a lot of people. So the couples dancing on stage end up looking more like a performance than a social dance especially when the ones dancing are the experts.

It was also a great time to meet some new acquaintance at the party and get them to start their baby steps into Salsa dancing. It was fun and everyone had a good laugh. The dance last into the night but I had to take my leave at 12am as it’s still a Tuesday night and I hitched a ride to the place instead of driving myself. Below is a clip with the song we usually dance to. Performed by Willie Chirino, it’s titled Tu Cumpleaños.

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