Hot Magazine’s 6th Anniversary Party

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Euphoria by Ministry of Sound got hotter by a notch as Hot Magazine was there to celebrate it’s 6th Birthday bash. With Hunny Madu hosting the show and a Belly Dancing Performance to kick off the night. The highlight of the night? It’s the free flow of Martel from the get go.

Altimet performed some of his hit numbers before Prema Yin took to the stage with some of her rock numbers. A video will be uploaded of one of her performance so make sure you come back after this to check out that video. I think the most shocking thing that happened this night was the fact that Andy Kho and I went there with just a compact camera each instead of our usual dSLR and everyone stared at us like we committed the greatest sin in the world.

Met a lot of familiar faces aside from the usual party crowd that night which is fantastic as it’s always good to catch up with some old buddies and find out what they’ve been up to. This is one party where at the VIP area, we actually can mingle and chat a bit while the performance is going on, some of the party we go to was so packed and noisy that it’s hard to even shout to the other person standing just inches away.

After the performance, there were games that was played where the guests can walk away with some bags by Paris Hilton and perfumes by Britney Spears. And when girls found out what the prizes they could win, you literally can see a stampede when Hunny ask for volunteers to come out for games.

I had to call it a night by midnight as I got hungry and dragged my date out for dinner supper. Had a chance to play around with the Samsung NX100 during this party, sadly, due to the lack of flash, I didn’t take any photos from the event but managed to record a video of Prema’s performance which I shall post up in the next post.

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