Grace Yip’s 5th Birthday Celebration

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Even though I’ve taken her out to celebrate her birthday, Grace still insist that a birthday celebration must have cakes. So on the evening of her birthday, after dinner. We ‘celebrated’ her birthday with a nice little Blackforest cake (which Gabriel cleaned up after each of us only ate a slice).

And being the only one who knows how to operate the dSLR (cause Grace hid the point n shoot camera), I end up being the camera and my dad took the job of making sure she don’t slam her hands into the cake and leave it edible for the rest of us. Gabriel got to help Grace blow out the candle even though she insist she can do it on her own.

The Cake Cutting ceremony was slightly dangerous as Grace wanted to just chop the plastic knife into the cake while my dad tries to control her hand motion so that the knife will cut in nicely and not ruin the whole cake.

It’s not complete without a pic for the album. So to say lah.

This is my only slice I got to eat from the blackforest cake cause as i mentioned earlier. Before we could go for a 2nd, Gabriel has happily finished the cake. Of course, the birthday girl wasn’t too happy about it. :D

27th April, the day Grace was born 5 years ago. So fast 5 years has gone by, the 4 years before was of course full of ‘drama’ but am looking forward to the many years ahead watching and helping Grace to grow up. Happy Birthday again Grace.

PS. Yeah, if you stumble upon this post many many years later. You are still my Monster! :p

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