Go Fly Kite with Churp Churp

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It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and I took my monsters with me to Taylor’s Lakeside Campus to literally Fly Kite with Churp Churp. I also took this opportunity to play around with the Samsung NX100 with the Automatic setting. Just to see how it goes in comparison to the more controlled functions that is available on the camera.

Reached the campus at 3pm and I was waiting at the only open space I know at that place which I feel would be the best place to fly kite as it’s wide open space and has a strong steady flow of wind coming from one direction. Then Gabriel point me towards the direction of the main building where I see a bunch of people running around with a kite behind them trying to fly all over the place but up.

So off we went, drove into the Boulevard carpark before making our way to the lakeside area, beside the NX100, I also brought along my nasty looking Dragon kite. Unlike those that you can buy in shops that’s made out of plastic, the Dragon was made out of bamboo and clothe which made it waterproof and can still be flown when it’s raining (but which idiot would risk being struck by lightning just to fly kite?).

Got 2 basic kit ready for the monsters to start flying and then off I went to install the Dragon and make it flight ready. One problem I foresee at the area we were trying to fly the kites at, because we are located inside a square with 3 directions where the wind can come in from, it creates an inconsistent flow of wind which for the good first half of the day an unsuccessful fly time. Only later on in the evening when the wind start blowing from the North East direction did we start to really fly our kites.

Nicholas Chay and I had on a few occasions battle each other for space and it was good fun. I wish I brought my other ‘strings’ with me cause quite a few times, I was very tempted to use the nylon ropes to cut off his kite but of course, being the nice person that I am, I decided not to.

It was a good afternoon out with my monsters and get to meet some fellow tweeters that’s also on the Churp Churp network.

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