Furkids Partying at @DivaShalom ‘s Central Park Birthday Celebration

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One again, It was Shalom’s birthday celebration at the park and all the furkids came out to play. It was drizzling earlier before the 9am meeting time and my monsters and Baskin D. Dawg was worried they might not get to go. Thank God the rain stopped just before 9am and everyone bundled into the car and got themselves ready to go …

Some new faces and some new furkids was there. Everyone had a good time running around… chasing after their furkids. Here’s some photos from the party at Central Park. Less words, more photos.

Misguided effort… both also male… guess being Eunuchs, they get confused on what they want?

Whatchu looking at?

Frisbee! gimme gimme gimme!

Quite a muscular fella, cute cross breed.

Everyone that comes by also can be friends…

Douglas Lim teaching Grace the finer point of playing catch with a big dog.


These poor brothers could only stand around and watch as they can’t roam around.

Looking for friends?

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The monsters and Baskin D. Dawg had fun, the weather despite it’s light drizzle didn’t stop the furkids from playing too.

Do you celebrate your furkid’s birthday?

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